Guaranteed Targeted Traffic – Means of Providing Quality Viewership

For any website, traffic is extremely vital. However, not all kinds of traffic might establish to be of quality, as they may not acquire the desired outcome. Therefore, it is mandatory to decipher the meaning of quality traffic before blindly linking onto any kind of traffic viable to you.

Definition of targeted traffic

Web traffic can be categorized into two segments; the first being regular traffic and the latter “targeted traffic” (TT). Regular traffic comprises of net browsers who are not fixated on any particular subject and are just surfing website for random information. They comprise class of users who might click on your web page, spend few seconds here and then traverse to some other website. These visitors might increase the number of clicks on your website but by them not correlating and corresponding with your website in anyway might contribute to bounce ratio. And for any website, if there is an increased number of bounce then the website gains negative publicity thus leading to disaster and finally closure of the website.

Therefore, most of the website owners opt for the latter category i.e. TT. This category of audience comprise of users who are going to improve your web rating as well as search engine ranking and therefore they are referred to as guaranteed TT.

Guaranteed targeted traffic is what website owners are looking for as they form the core of their success. They form the user base for all websites and ensure web presence.

How to ascertain targeted traffic?

The easiest and safest method of procuring “guaranteed targeted traffic” (GTT) is through buying. Yes! You are reading correct; there are wholesalers selling GTT for smooth promotion of your website. These wholesalers tender the same based on your website demand and keyword/phrase requisites. As for TT role-play, this targeted traffic analyzes information provisioned by your website and escalate your search engine ranking tremendously. A percentage of them also turn out to be prospective buyers thus making your website gain visibility in the first twenty rankings on a popular search engine like Google/MSN/yahoo.

Another modus operandi for buying TT is through the internet itself. There are innumerable service providers extending guaranteed targeted traffic services for a nominal fee. The advantage of buying through this medium lies in more web recognition in the global internet scenario and ascertaining the positivism of linking to these targeted visitors. Added to it buying through this medium determines authenticity of the TT and reduces the odds of being duped.

Though there are other means of procuring TT that might come with no charges, but the probability of them provisioning positive outcome is bleak. Therefore, wisdom lies in paying a nominal fee and opting for TT that guarantees accomplishment.

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Targeted Website Traffic – How to Guide

Marketing your services on the internet has the same goal as real world marketing, but it works with different techniques. In both cases, you want the consumer to first notice you, and then purchase your product or service. The techniques differ because of the nature of the internet. Your website is not just a website, it is part of your product, or perhaps it itself is the product, and its success requires web traffic. However, it does not require just any website traffic; what it needs is web traffic that is actually interested in your product, or is likely to be interested. Many solutions in the market deliver targeted web traffic, and this short guide will tell you how you can use them to outsell your competition.

How do Targeted Web Traffic Solutions Work

Many internet marketing companies sell packages for targeted website traffic. In these solutions, you pay its cost, and in return the company will use its marketing prowess to send targeted web traffic of real users to your site. When you buy a targeted web traffic package, you have to tell the company the name of your site, the target market, as well as how many visitors you are paying for. The company will then send in the traffic – within a pre-specified number of days.

The companies employ their marketing infrastructure, which includes ads on their web properties, to send targeted traffic to your site. For example, if yours is an American company, there is no point in paying for visitors who visit your site from China, or visitors who do not understand the languages supported by your site. Once you have bought a package for 5,000 visitors from U.S. the solutions provider will only send you visitors who are from US. This means that it will be easy to convert these leads into purchasing your product or service.

Caution and Buyers Beware

Because of the nature of the solution, there is a possibility of fraud that you should be aware of. Fraudulent companies may cheat you by sending you traffic that is not real. This can be done by sending bots to your site, or by paying somebody to visit your site. In both the cases, you are paying for traffic that will not result in any sales, and thus is a waste of money and resources. So, whenever you employ a targeted web traffic solutions company, you are advised to check their history and the feedback they have received from their other clients. Afterwards, you should also track the results from the visitors who have come to your site. You should always expect real results.

Targeted web traffic can be thought of as advertising in the cloud. You get visitors, or results, without having to worry about actually advertising and all the nitty-gritty of marketing. You leave that to the professionals, who will give your site targeted web traffic that will actually convert to sales.

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Internet Marketing Techniques – 3 Ways to Drive Customers to Your Website

There’s something remarkably easy about building your business online, but there are a few requirements that you have as an online business that are quite different from a brick and mortar business on Main Street. Most of these requirements make it quite a lot easier to build your business online using a laser targeted buying market of people who are hungry for what you offer. They need what you have, because they’re looking for the success you’ve found and are willing to share.

ACE Writers Generate Positive Cash Flow Articles & Info Products

Writing for profit means creating The #1 Article in a line up of keyword optimized articles that not only GRABS attention from the search engine, but holds the attention of the reader and captivates the click throughs required to drive buying traffic to your website. An ace writer often sets out to accomplish a writer goal, meets or surpasses that goal and achieves monetary value from the professionalism of his writing efforts. Is it a given? Can ALL Ace Writers make a profit? Usually, yes, because they follow key principles that put their writing in the hands of readers – more often than not at personal profit.


  • Well written articles with a highly responsive call to action resource box.
  • On topic, keyword optimized value driven copy with a purposeful message.
  • High-Quality titles, subtitles and sub-headers with reader based content.
  • Bullet point paced content that gives more information than the reader expects.
  • Results based, solution content with effective answers for the reader.


These ace writer tactics are learned as you create high-quality reader driven articles that drive traffic to your website. The process doesn’t come naturally, but it does come with dedicated consistent efforts to learn more about your writing for profit needs.

Pay Per Click Ads & Info Product Presentation

Most every internet marketer understands that traffic is a must, grabbing traffic as they flow through your site to build your marketing list is also a requirement. Thus… the free product becomes an attractive item on your website.

You buy pay per click ads on a search engine, on Facebook or on some other multi-use media and set up a link to your site. On your site, you offer a sign up for an auto responder that provides your reader with instant access to your newsletter, ezine, or other email items – including your marketing letters, which invite the reader to your FREE Gift Presentation.

The Free Gift can be your ticket to marketing success.

Viral Marketing with Interactive Links to Info Product Marketing Pages

A free gift can be simply a gift to readers who have signed up, or it can be an automated viral marketing gift that your readers can pass on to their friends. Some of the most effective viral marketing includes FREE Gifts with links to a SECOND auto-responder page, where your reader can have a short report, a quick printed document, or even another E-book type info product that offers more access to your other products. After the second product, they don’t have to be free. Although, many Internet Marketers are finding that they can give away a lot of FREE Product and STILL make their first million online in a relatively short amount of time.

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How to Attract Customers to Your Business Easily and Fast

If you are trying to attract customers to your business, then you need to keep reading to discover the smartest way to get customers easily and fast. Methods like PPC, social media, search engine marketing, email marketing and blogging can attract more customers to your business but they take serious time and effort. However, when it comes to a method that is effective and fast, I’ve discovered that Press release is the best if certain conditions are met. What are these conditions?

For your press release to get you more clients and referrals it has to be top quality. The quality has to be so good that online and offline news sites will almost be scrambling to promote the release. The title has to make people extremely curious. The introduction should make people want to read on, the body has to make them salivate for your offer while the conclusion should have a brutally effective call to action. By the time your readers conclude reading they will have no other alternative than to visit your site for more information. The writing style is not the only piece to the puzzle. The next most important element is the distribution.

There are thousands of news sites all over the world looking for the latest and hottest story in every industry. Your news release need to be distributed to nearly everyone of them in order to get more targeted customers. More people who are actually looking for them mean more profits for your business. How will you get your well written news article to thousands of news websites? Keep reading.

To save time and money, you need to get a professional with proven track record to write your press release. A good professional will include all the basic elements that will make people want your offer badly as highlighted above. After writing you a world class news worthy article, you need a very effective and well respected service that can distribute your press release to thousands of websites. This will not only take your offer to targeted online and offline clients, it will also bring you willing customers that will stick with you like a loyal puppy and even bring more referrals if you treat them fine.

You have discovered that press release is one of the fastest ways to reach your target audience using a professional press release writer and massive distribution system.

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How to Use Pay Per Click Marketing in Your Small Business

Do not Let Pay Per Click Marketing Break You!

I’ve been online marketing for 10 years. I’m not rich. I haven’t lost thousands of dollars. I make some money. Good money.

I also spend money on effective advertising. I want to help you with PPC advertising.

I want to share with you some basic ways to avoid going broke promoting your site.

But first, let me tell you why I love the internet. I’m a geek. It started way before high school with my first electronic experiment tool set/kit from Radio Shack. (I still go into the Shack excited looking for new devices and missing the old connect the wires to this electrode kits). Ooh and how about the diodes, they got chips of all kinds, too. Man, you can build your own computer from the back room at Radio Shack.

Plus, I’m not sure, but I think you can make a device to program your mobile phone to change the channels on your neighbor’s flat screen.

But really my point is… I play online games like Tribal wars and the last ‘good’ movie I saw was Star Wars. I spend a lot of time online working with tools and techniques, web design and promotion but I’m no Guru. I’m not making a six figure income. I’m having fun doing something I enjoy.

Pay Per Click advertising can gave you the time to do the things you enjoy instead of chasing the next big opportunity. Do like I’ve done, focus on your interests.

How to use pay per click marketing in your small business


  • advertising
  • click marketing
  • online marketing
  • pay per click
  • PPC marketing
  • promotion


Online Marketing Mistakes

Sometimes the best way to learn is to list it. A don’t do this list for pay per click advertising. This is a guide to help. I do assume you have some basic understanding of click marketing. If you have questions, please leave a comment.

Here is my top ten don’t do this list.


  • Shoot for #1 position
  • Use general keywords
  • Neglect landing page(s)
  • Clutter you keyword list
  • Forget ad groups
  • Ignore statistics
  • Forget return on investment
  • Bid too high
  • Go over budget
  • Use 1 keyword research tool


Pay per Click Marketing Plan

Starting with PPC is easy and quick. However, you need to develop a plan or strategy tailored to success. The Don’t List for Pay per Click is a useful remainder to stay focused on the task of making a profit.

If you are anything like me, you get side stepped with details. You take detours that are related to your plan but don’t necessarily promote your success. An example of this in pay per click is #1 position in Google.

The quest to get the first position has driven the cost per click of some generic keywords to over $25. The use of general keywords looks good because of the high number of searches. The challenge is this… most searchers using general keywords like dog food or sports cars are not buyers, they are information seekers.

The potential customers that are searching general keywords want to get to know about the subject. You can profit from these visitors using specific landing pages that are tailored to the keyword phrase.

Your landing page(s) should take into account your keyword and your business goal. Yes, you have to have a goal to succeed. Your landing page should introduce your visitor to your goal i.e. sales page, newsletter, poll, sign up page, etc.

Your goal is your keyword should work hand in hand with your landing page to promote your pay per click marketing plan.

Online Marketing Mistakes

Focus On Success

Keywords Marketing Mistakes

Since you are still reading this, you probably understand it’s important to have a keyword list. Let me ask, is your list huge? Do you have duplicates? Have you updated it in the last 3 months?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions, you have clutter in your keyword list. The challenge with clutter is it tends to distract you from your primary business goal.

Cluster your clutter: Place your keywords in groups with an explanation to you of why you believe the group of keywords are necessary to your business success. If the group is not necessary, eliminate it. Unless you have a big advertising budget, you are limiting your success. Without money to advertise, you’ll have a hard time getting visitors to your site.

Don’t forget ad groups: You groups of keywords are your ad groups. By using ad groups in PPC marketing, you have the opportunity to chart your success across your individual groups of keywords. You’ll find there are some keyword groups that ‘work’ better than others for your business.

Follow your statistics to determine which keywords and groups are performing best and avoid online marketing mistakes.

How to Determine Best Performing Keywords

Return on Investment

Ok, this is very important and often over looked by many small business owners. Business owners like me tend to expect that our judgment is solid and based in fact. We make decisions that are meaningful and hard. We take full responsibility and understand our business better than anyone else. We built it. We maintain it. We run it.

In your pay per click marketing campaign, measuring your return on investment may not be as straight forward as you may think. If you have made many of the mistakes of online marketing, than you may have seen some results that don’t make ‘cents’.


  • High click thru rates with no sales
  • Top ten position with no click thru
  • Keywords that don’t show up in search results


ROI Simple Calculation

Your investment is the cost of your pay per click campaign. Your return is the money you make using the campaign. Your return on investment is the money you make / the cost. For example, if your cost (investment) to run a campaign is $120 and it nets 10 sales of a $20 product, than your ROI = 120/200 =.6 or 60%.

Best Keywords

Tracking your overall campaign is great, but you should also track your keywords. Keywords that have a lot of click thrus are going to cost you money. Remember, you pay per click. By using the ROI formula to determine which keywords have the highest return on investment, you can actually increase your overall profits by getting rid of keywords that attract click thrus without sales. Your best keywords will remain and your profit will increase.

Pay Per Click Marketing Success

Do this to avoid failure

Use Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is about finding out what words are being used by searchers on the internet to locate products and services in your industry. You can be an expert in your field but using industry standard words as keywords may not yield the results you want in your pay per click campaign.

Use the keyword tools to find out what words you should use in your advertising to attract potential customers to your landing page. Understand that the internet is a dynamic and changing audience because of cultural, geographical and language difference across the world wide net. Keyword research can help you locate people looking for your services. People that are not using the standard terms or buzz words in your industry. People that have related interests that don’t know your service exists.

Return to your keyword list and research it, add to it and thin it out. Get rid of useless phrases with low return on investment. Find new keywords by adding to existing keywords. Continue to develop your landing pages and keep in mind your customer to achieve pay per click marketing success.

How To Pay Per Click Advertise For Success


A Successful PPC Campaign


  1. Don’t go over your budget
  2. Don’t over bid on keywords
  3. Use Keyword Research Tools
  4. Don’t use general keywords
  5. Do know your ROI
  6. Do use landing pages
  7. Do forget first position
  8. Do focus on your potential customer
  9. Do create ad groups
  10. Do clean up your keyword list


Creating and maintaining a successful advertising campaign doesn’t have to take up too much time. You can use online tools that help to automate the process and make it easy to make money online using PPC advertising.

Please feel free to leave a comment. We welcome your opinion.

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Online Marketing Tips and Tricks


take a look at Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Small Business Owners

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Let me know what you think.

The Simple Way To Get Traffic To Your Website

How would you like to learn the simplest way to get traffic to your website? If you want to get traffic to your website then the one thing you need to understand is there are a lot of great ways to do it but the fact of the matter is there is something called Yahoo Answers that works unbelievable well. What you need to understand about Yahoo! Answers is you can get traffic from it but in order to get the amount of traffic you want and need you have to keep answering questions people post on a daily basis.

The way Yahoo Answers works is somebody posts a question about something and you go and answer it. This is not where you get credit, underneath your answer you can put a website address that gives more information that the person asking the question might like. This is where your blog or website comes into play, all you have to do is give a good answer and then provide your website address. Sounds simple, right? Actually this method is rather simple the only problem is people don’t do enough of it and they don’t give the best answers that they can.

Tips to get traffic from Yahoo Answers

Answer questions in a related category – If you want to get a lot of traffic then you need to answer questions in a related category. What this means is if your blog is about “cars” then you need to answer questions directly related to cars. If you want the traffic you get to actually buy something from you, click on an ad, or just read what you have to say then you need to make sure they are going to be interested in what you have to say.

Answer questions daily – One thing most people don’t know is that there is a maximum amount of questions you can answer per day and everyday you need to hit that limit. The reason why you need to do this is so that you are ensured that you have done all you can to get the most traffic possible.

Give great answers – If you want a lot of traffic then you need to give great answers to every single question you are responding to. The reason why you need to give great answers is because the best answer gets positioned right below the questions when the time is up and the higher you are on the page means the more traffic and exposure you will get.

If you want to make money then the first thing you need to know is that you must have some decent ideas to make money, the next thing you need to understand is you will not earn cash quickly if you do not put in the time and effort.

Paid Internet Traffic For Your Business Without The Gridlock

Traffic is the lifeblood of any internet business. With a constant stream of targeted traffic you will generate leads and make money. If, however, your traffic dries up then you will struggle to make money online. Traffic is critical to everything and this article provides an overview. This article is about methods of paid traffic and should be viewed as a starting point. The subject of traffic generation is huge and constantly changing. Here will provide an overview of the well-used methods. I will warn you in advance though that you will need to go into further detail into each one to become a real master. Paid traffic offers you the opportunity to get instant traffic albeit at a cost. This can be extremely targeted and therefore the cost may be worth it.


Pay-per-click traffic (or PPC as it’s known in the trade) is a method where you pay each time someone clicks on one of your links. The aim is that you will get more income from buyers (people who click through your link and make a purchase) than the cost of your clicks. To give you an example if you had a 1% conversion rate you would need 100 people to click on your link to get a single buyer. To make money you would need to make sure that a single sale earned you more than 100 times the cost per click. PPC involves testing campaigns and tuning them so that the maths works but there is no doubt that they can be extremely lucrative when optimised. Google, Yahoo and Bing offer PPC style advertising so you can check them out here. Be warned though; start any campaign with a small amount of money. If you get a PPC campaign wrong it can eat your money away very quickly, especially if you don’t make the right number of sales to breakeven. It is also worth checking out Facebook ads which are another great way to do PPC.


An alternative to PPC is cost per thousand impressions (CPM) which is where you pay per 1000 impressions, or displays of your ad. Here you need to understand how you convert against the number of times your ad is displayed (the number of impressions) to workout your breakeven point. Facebook offers this as an alternative to PPC.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising allows you to put banners on specific sites that have your targeted audience visiting them. Google offers these and will place images upon websites of your choice.


Cost per action (CPA), sometimes known as cost per acquisition, is where you pay for leads or prospects. This is a great way to help build your list. If you’re new to internet marketing this may not work for you, it is better to find someone with experience before venturing into this. Two of the largest CPA networks are Neverblue and Maxbounty is you wish to find out more though.


Another alternative approach is to use outsourcing. You can actually pay someone to manage any of the free or paid traffic source methods. You will be able to find a contractor at oDesk or eLance, or possible at fiverr for some of the more simple tasks. As for PPC you need to understand how many leads and sales you expect to make and weigh this up against the cost of doing it.

Ezine Advertising

You can advertise in ezines and place solo ads. Here you add will be sent to a targeted audience, the readers of the ezine and you pay a one-off fee for the listing. This is similar to a JV approach in that you are using the list of the ezine in exchange for paying for the advert.

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5 Fundamental Concepts to Drive Traffic for Blog Internet Marketing

Follow these concepts of traffic generation for internet marketing of a blog strategy and your blog might be the next big blog on the internet. Beginners on the internet are excited to have a blog or a website on the internet. But successful business owners who are making money on the internet are seasoned web owner. People who have been around for years and use these concepts often if not daily. Generating traffic is not as hard as long as you know how to do. You will need traffic and lots of it. As a matter of fact, other than finding and/or creating content for your site you the webmasters biggest job is to figure a way to direct more traffic to your internet marketing blog or website.

One way to go about generating traffic for your site would first be to post, post and post more. The best blogs will post anywhere from 2 – 20 times a day. When posting this many times a day short, concise sentences are the way to post with a word count anywhere between 20 -200 words per post.

Another great way to create traffic would be to write articles. Instead of posting that many times a day write an article and that way you can post on your blog or website once a day to a 2-3 of times a week. Remember having a website and or working on a blog should be fun and possibly give you a certain amount of pleasure. In writing articles they should be a bit longer then a normal post. The article should be a focused driven and relate to one topic per article. Logically put together with some thought and foresight, parts of the article should be a title or heading, a summary, the body and a conclusion. Your article should have a word count greater than 300 words.

Try to give positive comment on Blogs this concept is very easy and successful. A pet peeve with bloggers is to not keyword spam in other words do not overload a comment with keywords without commenting on the blog, but rather use your name and add some value to the conversation in a positive way. A way to find blogs and websites you can leave comments on is to go into Google, and in the search box type;

Powered by WordPress +”internet marketing” + “comments”

This will bring results of WordPress Blogs about the topic internet marketing and on these results you can leave comments as well.

Use backlinks, pings and trackbacks are vital to internet marketing. Linking to Industry Leaders and allowing them to do the same is a way of giving some link juice to fellow bloggers in your niche. What will happen is they will link back to you when you have a quality post on a topic they have not covered yet.

The art of Guest Posting is another great way to generate traffic. You can access hundreds and even thousands of new customers with each guest posting. You will open your subscriber list up to the fellow web owner as they will do the same for you, a win-win situation. Make sure to create some great content within your articles, so as to make a good first impression.

These are just some of the fundamental concepts in generating more traffic to your website or blog. You may experience using quite a few of these concepts and if you were to start using just some of them you will see your traffic increase. You will possibly see your income increase as well. Happy internet marketing!

Who am I, my name is R.A. Rountree. I will write about whatever is on my mind. The subjects I write about could be from marriage to politics to internet marketing. You are welcome to visit my newest website Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners is about Home Business Ideas and articles for beginners.

10 Hot Tips to Drive Free Traffic to Your Website

Driving traffic to a website is the number one question that every blogger and webmaster encounters once online. It’s actually quite hard for beginners to get targeted web traffic to their website. You must follow the top strategies and tips if you want to get ranked high in the search engines and start making the big profits. Build up your skills, organize your strategy properly, and soon the leads will start flowing in. Getting targeted web traffic and online success is a fairly long process. In order to start seeing results, you’ll need to spend a lot of effort, time and hard work.

Below is a list of top tips that can aid you in capturing targeted web traffic in order to profit the most from your website.

1. Your website is the first most important thing. Keep it organized, clean and visitor friendly so as to make it easy to navigate through and attract customers to you and your products.

2. Supply your visitors with fresh and exclusive information that will help them in what they’re searching for. Often supplement your site with new and knowledgeable content that is easy to understand.

3. Layout some great tips and techniques that are pertinent to your niche so that visitors will want to come back.

4. Free e-books or other free resources are always a great way to attract visitors and keep them coming back.

5. Consider hiring a pro for your site’s SEO, and if you don’t have the resources to do so, learn to do it yourself. Search engine optimization is essential for any new site, and if you plan to succeed, you’ll need maximum organic traffic from search engines.

6. Don’t forget to include your blog’s link to your email signature if you want to get more targeted website traffic to your pages.

7. Commenting on relative blogs and adding your name and blog link to your signature is a great idea for more traffic. Avoid using your website name within the comments because this will lead to your comments being spammed.

8. Offline optimization can be helpful with things like brochures, flyers, business cards, or even t-shirts and stickers.

9. Keyword tools and software are also great resources to use to drive more traffic.

10. One more idea that gets quite good results is Ad Swaps. An Ad Swap is basically a highly targeted, primed list of subscribers, you can swap with a fellow marketer and build an even larger list of subscribers that will convert to more traffic down the line.

If you’re interested in learning more ways to drive targeted website traffic to your sites, then visit Download FREE e-books and read the many useful marketing tips available.

Powerful 10 Step Process for Getting Free, Targeted Traffic Online

Step 1: Create a quality, targeted article for your target group. Use this article to give away a lot of great, helpful information. Think of your article as a residual salesperson, getting interested, targeted prospects to read and then take steps toward a professional relationship with you. If they don’t read and take action, then your virtual salesperson did his or her job in weeding out disinterested persons.

Step 2: Turn your article into a podcast. You can easily turn your article into a simple podcast with the use of quality audio software, or you can download Audacity from and being creating podcasts for free. Once you do, set your podcast up as a feed, and then subscribe multiple podcast feeds to your main feed to spread your podcast into multiple directories and communities.

Step 3: Turn your article into a press release and release it all over the net. There are good free press release sites as well as paid press release sites. If you have never written one, you can get a little more mileage by hiring a professional writer from Elance or from a site like PRWeb. Paid press releases tend to get a bit more traffic and quality exposure for the effort.

Step 4: Turn your article into a quick video using Sony Vegas or another easy to use home video software. Then, post the video to multiple video sites like YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, Vimeo, etc.

Step 5: Create another, but completely unique article from the same research you did for the main article and post it on your forum, blog, or main site. You can also have professional writers write a unique article on the same topic, if you provide them with an outline and research resource links. Make sure the article is not spun or a mere re-working of your main article by proposing a different approach to the same research and theme. Be sure to be very descriptive in your job posting and read their work thoroughly before awarding the job to someone for less hassle. This seems to work well for us and the clients we work with. Even work at developing long-term relationships with your writers so you can build a more solid and consistent publication for the long-haul.

Step 6: Embed the video in your blog post, article post or forum post in your site. Video has been shown to hold attention longer and drastically reduce the bounce rate of visitors if done well.

Step 7: Bookmark your videos, pod-casts, articles and blog posts with social book mark sites to help spread the word and create a mini-net on the internet for Search Engine benefits.

Step 8: Add an “AddtoAny” button on the bottom of all of your personal posts on your websites, forums and blogs so that others can share them easily and be sure to give a call to action to ask people to help share if they like it.

Step 9: Share your videos, articles, pod-casts, blog posts and forum posts to your Facebook account and invite others to view it and give feedback. Sometimes, feedback can really help spread the word as well as help you see things that others might find confusing so that you can become better at communicating your products and service benefits more clearly. Often times, people look for another vendor simply because they could not understand what your value proposition meant!

Step 10: Tweet your posts. Often times, you can have this automated. Tweet your posts and even offer incentives for others to share, like your post on Facebook, or re-tweet.

SPECIAL NOTE: Make sure that all of your articles and posts somehow point to your opt in or squeeze page and that you offer a lot of value or benefits for registrants / subscribers. Use each post to help point to and build your subscriber list effectively for higher profits online.

Aaron Schulman has been helping clients like entrepreneurs, business owners, doctors, hospitals, and non-profits improve their Strategic Marketing and Social Web 2.0 Design for over 10 years. You can gain access to his free 14 page report and multiple free training videos on developing an effective squeeze page and profitable list here ==>