Why Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of any online business strategy today. With sky rocketing PPC costs, it is almost impossible for small and medium level businesses to market their products/services through PPC (pay per click marketing). Though referrer traffic (buying media from other websites) will work to an extent, it cannot be an alternative because more than 90% of all online visitors, visit a website via search engines. So, the most cost effective and long term solution for establishing your business online is through proper search engine optimization.

Search Engine OptimizationPPC is highly targeted and effective when it comes to conversion. However today with the increasing competition and the bidding war for good keywords has made PPC not feasible anymore. A single click for some keywords today cost as high as $ 30-50 and might even increase with increasing competition. So focusing on SEO and achieving organic ranking are the best way to grow your business.

However SEO is not as easy as it was a decade ago, with the competition increasing over 1000 times during the past decade, ranking the website in the first page of a search engine has become a Herculean task. There used to be a time when search engine optimization was as simple as good meta description and meta keywords along with link building. Today the scenario is different, the search engines are far smarter and they update the algorithm constantly to refine the search results. This has made SEO very difficult for the webmasters, so today it is better to hire a good SEO consultant rather than doing it yourself.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Today online business are focusing more on local SEO, unlike the last decade today the search engines provide completely different results based on the geo-location. The search engines try and provide results that are more relevant to the local area. It is logical to provide local results when someone is searching for a carpenter instead of showing the same results to all people all over the country.

This is a huge change in search engine optimization, and every business today should make use of this. This change should be seen as an opportunity as the number of websites competing for a particular location is far less. Some top SEO consultants provide local search engine optimization services to help business harness this opportunity. Local seo is relatively cheaper, and more targeted. There are some good local SEO providers, click here to check one of them.

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Choosing The Right SEO Company

Even a new web start up company will know something about SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of processes which when done correctly can help a website to rank on the top of search results.  However there are two types of SEO; one is the white hat technique which complies with all the right methods suggested by most search engines world over and the other is the black hat method. The black hat method is more like a quick fix, it might provide you a temporary boost in rankings but that will eventually drop later or sometime might get your website penalized by search engines. There are several cases where websites got de-indexed completely for such practice.

Choosing the Right SEO CompanyIt is now two years since Google came up with the Panda Algorithm update. Google is now very strict with websites having unnatural links and those that promote web-spam.  Matt Cutts the head of webspam department at Google recently updated, that Google is going to take the battle against webspam to a whole new level by coming up with algorithm updates more frequently.

If you are web master and if you want to outsource all your optimization activities to another company then make sure you hire the right SEO company, that will use only white hat techniques. Choose an SEO company that is completely transparent; the company should reveal and share the things that they do for better ranking.

However you can also do the basic onsite optimization by yourself. Today most search engines give a lot of importance for onsite optimization. The following are some of the important steps for better onsite optimization;

1) Good Content: Content is the king and it will always remain the most important factor for ranking.

  • Right Keywords & Density: Choosing the right keywords and correct keyword density is important. One should not stuff the article with keywords. Most experts do agree that the keyword density of an article should be around 1.5-3%.
  • Meta Tags: Meta tags are not as important as they used to be. However they are still relevant and having the right meta tags is important.
  • Quality Content: At the end of the day the information you provide to the visitor should be useful and of high quality. SEs give a lot of importance for this factor, so a well written and a grammatically correct article will help you to achieve better rankings.

2) Design of the Web Site: Web design and analytics are highly important.

  • Page Speed: Websites which load faster are ranked better. Page Speed is an important factor and Google offers a page speed test to find out all the methods to make your webpage load faster. Make use of that free tool for better optimization.
  • Lower Bounce Rate: Your web design should be engaging so that the visitor will view more pages from your site resulting in a lower bounce rate.
  • Navigation: Your website should have a proper navigation structure and no broken links. A better structure will also make the visitor spend more time in your site. It is also better to have an XML sitemap for your website, as that will aid the search engine bots for better crawling.

A good onsite optimization and hiring a trusted SEO company can help you rank your website quickly.

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Magic Submitter – The Best SEO Tool

Google is regularly updating their algorithm, naming them as panda and penguin. The requirements of the search engines keep evolving regularly for better visitor experience, however one thing will remain as a prerequisite for good ranking and that is high quality back-links to the webpage. It is very important to build good number of high quality back-links, in addition to quality content. If you are entering in to a new niche then search for the keyword that you are targeting and check the backlinks of the top ranking websites. Those websites will have 1000s of backlinks, you can check the backlinks of any website thorugh Yahoo Site Explorer (Yahoo Site Explorer is shut down after merging with bing, you now instead use Bing Webmaster Tools).

However if you want to build such backlinks it will take months of hard work. Today numerous internet marketers are opting to employ a part time worker for every website to carry out their back-linking routines such as RSS feeds and forum submissions. Those who can’t afford a full time employee may decide instead to pay monthly fees for a web service to submit the content for them. Unfortunately, many website owners eventually ascertain that backlink services are not commonly worth the cost after losing hundreds of dollars into it. So, the best way out is to have a tool which is under your control to do all the work while you just monitor the success rate. There are a few good SEO automation tools, if you are not quite good with using tools then you can go for Rank Builder, but if you know what you are doing and you need the most powerful software to run your back linking campaigns then the best tool for you is Magic Submitter.

Magic Submitter – What it does?

A good SEO expert will tell you that the critical factors in off site SEO are

1) Number of Authority back links

2) Relevancy of backlinks

3) Link Velocity – Any link building should be natural, in other words you should not add a 1000 back-links in one hour. So the link building should happen over a period of time.

4) Link diversity – A website should have links from a diverse link source, like article directories, RSS directories, forums, comments, web 2.0 properties, social bookmarks, video sharing sites, pdf sharing sites, wordpress blogs and so on

5) Link Pyramid or a good link structure. You need to have a good link structure with multi-level back links.

Magic Submitter effectively does all these things by just a click of a button (of course you need to initially set it up). It gets you authority backlinks, you can select the sites based on relevancy, you can control the link velocity by scheduling the entire submission process. For link diversity Magic Submitter is the best tool available as it has 12 different categories to submit. You can design your own link pyramid structure using the campaign module, just drag and drop the web properties and connect them the way you want. The software also learns new submission methods automatically, and you can add or remove websites. In addition to building backlinks one should get the backlinks indexed, only then there is any use of building backlinks, for the backlinks to be crawled and indexed we have a few techniques and one of them is collecting the backlinks and create an rss feed out of the backlinks. After creating a new RSS feed, that feed should be submitter to the RSS Directories again, this will get the backlinks to be indexed by the search engines.

Magic Submitter – A video Explanation:

The video below shows  how you can set up a campaign that can build you backlinks over 6 days (you can also increase or decrease the link building speed) as it is not advisable to build all your links at once.

Magic submitter has 12 modules (you can add mode modules if you want)

  1. Article Directories
  2. Blogs
  3. RSS Directories
  4. PR Sites (Press release sites)
  5. PDF Sharing sites
  6. Video Sharing Sites
  7. Micro Blogs
  8. StatusNet Microblogs
  9. ELGG blogs
  10. Expression Engine forums
  11. Bookmarking Services
  12. Mail services.

Creating your own link pyramid structure is as simple as dragging and dropping the web properties in the campaign window (refer the video above). In addition to these services you can add new services all by yourself, magic submitter will learn how to post in the new sites all by itself. It has a module where it will download all the emails (the verification emails that are coming to the email address you used for registration) and  verify in a single click. You can also bypass all the captcha in the sites by using captcha services. You also have the ability to add new proxies. There is no software in market which can do all these things automatically.

Magic Submitter – How Much Does it Cost?

You can try magic submitter for the first month for just 5 dollars, and you can do a lot of link building for all your sites during the first month itself. This will definitely improve your rankings and in turn your income and from the next month onward you will be charged $67 per month which is a very low price for all that the software can do. Try Magic Submitter today for just 4.95 dollars. Download Now

Ultimate Demon Review- The New and Powerful Link Building Tool

I have been a big fan of Magic Submitter and been using it ahead of SenukeX and other tools for my micro niche websites. However over the past few months I have been trying Ultimate Demon and I am thoroughly impressed with its power. If you have used Bookmarking Demon 6, then you can easily get accustomed with this tool.

Ultimate Demon The Best SEO Tool Today

UltimateDemon is undoubtedly very powerful and completely automatic. It helps a great deal in achieving link diversity. Google Panda Updates are making a mockery out of the conventional SEO strategies. You need link diversity, that is backlinks from various sources like web 2.0, blog comments, social networking, micro blogs, wordpress blogs, article directories, social bookmarking, wiki links, pdf sites, video sites and so on. Only a wholesome link building can give sustained results in the new age SEO. People used various tools to build links in these sources, however with UltimateDemon, you no longer need to own multiple tools. It’s like a “one-stop shop” that offers you backlinks from various sources and you can easily achieve the desired backlink profile for your main website.

The one area in which UltimateDemon is far ahead of the competition is the interface. Its user-friendly interface that has not been seen anywhere else. With UltimateDemon you can literally make unlimited number of backlinks that will make your website a real authority in your niche. The Wiki module in UltimateDemon is very powerful and there tools selling at the same cost of UltimateDemon, that does only wiki submissions.

Another major difference is UltimateDemon has an option for Captcha Sniper, you don’t need to manually enter captcha or spend a great deal in captcha solving services, this will automatically solve all your captchas effectively, thereby will reduce the recurring cost of running your SEO operations. You can effectively build powerful link pyramids using this tool in a matter of few hours.


There are simply no other software in the market that perform task with the same level of simplicity and automation as UltimateDemon.

System Requirements:

  • If you are planning to try this software then make sure you system has the following packages.
  • (.NET Framework 3.5) + (Windows XP.SP3 x86/x64 or Windows Vista x86/x64 or Windows 7 x86/x64).
  • MAC OSX is not supported. To run in OSX, Virtual Machine that runs Windows OS is required.

How to Buy UltimateDemon?

Before buying Ultimate Demon, you should be very clear with your needs. Ultimate Demon unlike any other software gives flexibility in the way you want to buy it.  It offers you a money saving option where you can buy it for a one time, no other software be it Magic Submitter, SenukeX, Rank Builder or other software offers you this option. They have only monthly subscription and that starts at $67 to $147. However UltimateDemon offers you this great option of buying it for a life time at a meager cost of $ 397 (this is what you would pay for SenukeX for two months, but you can get a lifetime license for that amount).

Download the lifetime version of UltimateDemon Here

However if you don’t have that amount and would like to try it on a month on month basis, then UltimateDemon team is offering a monthly subscription plan. Again they are the cheapest they offer it for $47 , all other software with far less features and poor user interface are selling their software at a higher rate.

Download the monthly subscription version of UltimateDemon Here

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Google Page Rank (PR) Reset to 0 for every website

Google today rest the PR for all the websites to N/A (just like a new domain name). A move that sent shock waves among website flippers (those who buy and sell websites). Google for some time now stressing on the fact that PR is just a number and not a yardstick for a site’s authority. However it still remains as an important yardstick in finding out the value of a website. People who buy or sell a website determine the value of the website based on the income, earning potential, domain name and the page rank. People or indecisive now and are looking for new ways to evaluate a website.

Google PR update – Intentional or Unintentional

SEO Companies and ExpertsThere are 3 possibilities

Case 1. Google did reset all PR
Case 2. Google dropped pr algorithm completely.
Case 3. This is a temporary server downtime

Case 3 never happened before on such scale. Case 1 makes no sense. Case 2 looks more logical as they have already stated tons of time that pr algorithm is dropped. However they were still showing PR in toolbar. PR never had any link with the SERPs a pr 0 website often ranked high in the SERPs. However it eased out the process of finding and building quality links, and hence remained as an invaluable yardstick for SEO consultants and service providers for building quality back-links.

Therefore this move is going to bring huge changes in link acquisition and SEO industry. Google already with Panda Updates are playing around with the SERPs and making the life of SEO experts difficult and with this move many people are going to lose their earnings specially link sellers. People buy paid links for their sites and have ranked easily in short time.

What should be the new approch

Though the PR of all the sites are reset to 0, the authority of the sites will remain, people can either use seomoz for finding the authority rank of a website in which you are planning to buy a link. So you can follow new yardsticks like moz rank, link count and other ranks. Also try to buy links from the site that rank highly for a particular keyword.

SEOmoz authority rank is a more accurate metric than PR in regards to a pages backlinking power, hopefully that will become the new yardstick. Anyone who knows what they are doing will look at that number more closely than PR.

Google PR – Latest Update

Google has the PR still intact. However you can now access the page rank only through Google Toolbar and not through any other pr checking tools/software. This will now lead to massive changes in SEO software and link-building businesses that use these software to build links. But this is the right time to move away from Google page-rank and start focusing more on authority back-links rather than high pr back-links.

All the best for your SEO success

Bookmarking Demon – Best Social Bookmarking Tool Review

What is a Social Bookmarking Tool:

If you are looking for a social bookmarking tool, then it is obvious that you know what social bookmarking is, so let me keep it very brief. There are 1000s of bookmarking sites in the web, and it is important for a new website to bookmark the web-pages in these bookmarking sites. These bookmarking sites will give you traffic as well help you in getting your pages indexed. So bookmarking is an important cog in the wheel of Search Engine Optimization.

Bookmarking Demon and Automation in Social Bookmarking

The beauty of the internet is, it offers a level playing field. You can set up an e-store and compete with the like of walmart and co. If you do the basics right, the the search engines will rank you high and you can get truckloads of traffic. However the catch is doing the basics right, and what if every competitor of yours are doing the basics right, at the end of the day the first page of any search engine is going to give only 10 results. So in addition to doing the basics right you should also do it in a scale which your competitors cannot.

Creating good content is a pre-requisite for good ranking however the differentiating factor is the authority and the trust rank of the site. This can only be increased by high quality backlinks from top websites. Any top website which ranking consistenly on the the top of the search engine will have 1000s of backlinks, and it is impossible for a newbie to manually create backlinks and compete with these sites. It will takes months to create so many backlinks, and this is where automation plays a part in helping you reach the top quickly.

In a previous article I have written about Building Link Pyramids and Using automation tools like Magic Submitter to create diverse links. While Magic Submitter isr a one time payment unlike most seo tools which are subscription based.

Bookmarking Demon: Explained

The following video explains how to operate bookmarking demon. Though all the software providers will claim that their software is 100% automated, every software requires a particular amount of human work. Likewise this software too requires us to fill in the details once, details like email address, visual aid details and the webpage details (the webpage that you want to bookmark). Once that is over, the rest will be done by the software. You can bookmark your website in 1000s of bookmarking site without any work. Bookmarking Demon will do everything, from filling in the registration form, filling in the captcha, verifying your email and then posting your bookmark.

Bookmarking Demon: Cost and Suggestion

If you are a newbie, then you will feel that $147 is on the higher side, but the fact is the learning curve is quite short and you can make the money back quickly. In addition to doing seo to your websites, you can also sell bookmarking service to others and you will get back your investment in under 30 days if you do the things right. In my opinion the price is fair and not high.

Bookmarking Demon comes with 100 top bookmarking sites by default, but you can add any number of bookmarking sites like pligg sites, scuttle sites and phpdug sites. I have developed a good list high pr sites, which you can add to the Bookmarking Demon. You can contact us and request for the 2000+ compatible social bookmarking sites list after downloading Bookmarking Demon. You can also request for a free training on using Bookmarking Demon through our Contact Page and one of our staff members will get in touch with you and you can get an One hour training.

Download Bookmarking Demon Guide

Download Bookmarking Demon Software.

Bookmarking Demon - Review

A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners to SEO Content Writing

Copywriting has again transcended from its usual form and practices into the new internet era; Copywriting as utilized by the Professional SEO business is also known as Internet Content Writing, Web Content Writing, amongst other terms. This article will try to tell you about the basics of copywriting and its advanced application on the SEO aspect. This article aims to provide the beginners in the Search Engine Optimization industry, an in-depth but friendly guide to SEO content writing, as well as providing the more advanced copywriters with a guide to remind them of the several tricks they might have forgotten about the craft.

This guide shall be divided into the three parts of the copywriting process: the before, during, and after. This is the first part of the guide dealing with the things a copywriter must do BEFORE writing the copy. In addition to learning the basics of copyrighting and content development one should be aware of the changing searching algorithms. Google is regularly doing a Panda Update, so in order to succeed in SEO in addition to learning the basics of developing good content, you need to use good SEO Tools like Magic Submitter.

SEO Content Writing – What You Need to Know Before Writing

SEO Content WritingBefore doing any writing you should first know the purpose why you’re writing that content. Your purpose should be clear and definite so no equivocation of ideas will exist that might confound your readers. Is the writing for sports? Is it for entertainment? Is it educational? These things should be clear on your mind before you write your copy, so a natural flow will exist as you write.

Another thing to consider is to know whom are you writing for and who are the people you wish to convey the message to? Knowledge of your audience will give you many benefits: people with different cultures only respond to a specific approach you use, technical terms would be very trivial when talking to beginners while spelled out and explained details would be very time consuming for experts. The internet is used by a vast network of people and your target may only comprise a very small minority. It is important that you address your target effectively if you want more conversions (making site visitors into customers) on your web site.

SEO Content Writing – About the resources

Knowing the right information will certainly give you the right results. Knowing what people want and what they are searching for will be one of the keys to make it big in this business. One of the things that can help you acquire this information is through case studies, surveys and polls that can be found all over the internet. Most of these studies provide general demographic information about internet users. If you’re lucky enough (since it is discouraged), you might even stumble with information regarding the searching habits of different demographics.

Once you have decided to use particular information from the internet, make sure that it is from a reliable author or source. Incorrect and inaccurate data proliferates all over the internet and it happens that you may be misled by others to use them, so, see to it that the articles or studies you are about to use are made and conducted by certified educational institutions or known private companies so you will not have any problems about their authenticity.

Another effective source of information from the internet are pages which rank high among search engines especially those that are related to yours. Analyze and learn the effective things they have done to increase their PageRank and apply them to your work. You could also check out the pages of your top competitors, you might learn a lot from them but be careful not to copy their stuff as it is since they will be constantly checking out their competition. Copyright guidelines are finally catching up with those who replicate content, ending blacklisted by major search engines.

SEO forums are also helpful in guiding you about the latest trends in the Search Engine Optimization business. Experts usually crowd in these forums to discuss the tricks and trends of the business. Moreover, new updates and trends about Search Engine Algorithms and Technology can be found on these forums so it is highly advisable that you check out those forums. However, the forums might be a little too complicated for beginners as terms often become too technical to understand even by seasoned users.

About the words

Now let us go down to business! It is time to know what are the keywords and keyphrases you will use for your copy! The key words and phrases would be the ones that you will use and try to integrate throughout the whole copy. It would be the bait you place in the hook in order to attract and hopefully catch your potential customers.

First of all, you and your client should brainstorm together (face to face if possible) about the keywords and keyphrases you want to use for the copy. It is important that you brainstorm together so that you will be able to stay true to the brand and have an effective choice for use in the search engine optimization efforts. You could make use of different keyword tools found in the web such as Keyword Discovery, GoodKeywords, WordTracker, Overture, etc. (issues regarding their usability and effectiveness will be discussed separately). These tools can be downloaded or used directly over the internet should you choose to utilize it.

In choosing keyphrases or keywords remember to start with and use popular but “not-so-competitive” terms since it would be very difficult to compete with more established websites if you have just been starting. The above-mentioned tools will help you determine which key words or phrases you could use.

One word keywords are very difficult if not impossible to compete with as it would have a more general scope compared with keyphrases. For example, if you are trying to write content for a company selling educational toys, choosing a keyword like “toys” would be a stupid idea since search engines would give around one hundred million hits for that particular keyword, while changing it into keyphrase like “toys for students” or “educational toys” would only have hits of around five million. This means that the chance that a web searcher would actually go to your website would be 100,000,000:1 under the keyword “toys” while choosing the keyphrase “educational toys” means a chance of 5,000,000:1, greatly increasing your chance of being visited. Besides, customers are more likely to refine their searches since using or typing just one word searches would mean being bombarded with a lot of unwanted information than they need, costing more time and effort.

Your keywords should specifically target (1) the product or service that you are offering and (2) what people actually type whenever they use the search engines in looking for products and services like yours. A good example would be when writing content for a company selling kilns for bricks, you should not optimize for the keyword “kiln for bricks” if most people actually type “oven for bricks” when they are looking for such equipment. It is useless to optimize for the term kiln when most people opt to type oven since a few if none will be looking for the term kiln.

You should also identify and discover various words and terms which are closely related to your keyword or keyphrases. Some key-terms and keyphrases are so intimately intertwined with others that one group associates it with a particular field while another choose to associate it with something else. One good example would be Cosmetic Surgery. Cosmetic Surgery is a medical procedure, so, it can be regarded as something related with medicine and surgery, while it is also correct to say that it is related with cosmetics and beauty. Since the fields of medicine, surgery, cosmetics and beauty are popular fields, optimizing for both the cosmetic and the surgical aspect of the keyphrase Cosmetic Surgery would bring more keyword hits for searches from individuals of both parts of the spectrum.

Another thing to consider is to integrate local terminologies or equivalents of your products or services when optimizing with key words or phrases. An “elevator” in the US would be a “lift” in the UK, a “truck” in the US would be a “lorry” in the UK, and the list goes on. When trying to sell products or services for a huge demographically different society, you should optimize for both of the groups as each would tend to search for the more familiar local term. Better yet, you could create different sites for different demographic groups, replacing particular key words and phrases; enabling you to cater to both.

Moreover, it would be wise to consider placing regional information or regional key words or phrases. Integrating regional information along with keywords and keyphrases enables users who prefer more specified searches to visit your website. You would also benefit from the limited competition because of the more specified search. Most people looking for products and services in the internet would certainly prefer to find what they need locally, so adding local regional information would definitely be of great help to you and your potential client. Another benefit is that you could add another keyword, which is the regional information to your existing key word or key phrase. For example, instead of having just “plumbing services” add “Atlanta” before ‘plumbing services’. This would give you an edge over competitors as it would profoundly decrease your competition.

Another thing that you can keep in mind is the use of article rewriters. If you don’t have the time or ability to create fresh and quality content then you can try Magic Article Rewriter which is very powerful. Check how it works, click here

About the content

Now that you have the key words and phrases you would need its time to plan about the general thrust of the content, on what the content should be like.

Generally, the main idea of writing content is for it to be able to provide useful information for visitors in your site. You are primarily writing for the readers, the human visitors of your site, and about the products and services that you have to offer. Secondary to that idea is to provide the search engines information so they could properly and accurately index your site according to its proper category, so anyone who wants to look for something in particular, through the use of search engines, would eventually find what he needs. In other words, your content should be both customer-oriented and search engine friendly.

In order to do that, you need to plan properly on how to do your copywriting. The whole text should be able to give them what they need and want to know about the products and services you have. Hence, it is highly advisable that you read a lot of information about the subject product or service before you write the actual copy. The goal is to become extremely knowledgeable about the product, so you can explore all the possibilities and play with its strengths and weaknesses and write everything that is needed.

One important thing to remember is to write content that is unique. Copying content is not only plagiarism and cheating but is also a serious offense that could cause painful penalties under existing Copyright laws. More and more Intellectual Property Rights watch dogs are reporting cases of content stealing and have gained some grounds over the years. Major search engines are now penalizing sites which illegally acquire content from other sources. Penalties include permanently putting sites under a blacklist, sort of a “permanent not to contact sites” for crawlers. Lawsuits and cases about web content writing are now increasing day by day, with more countries enacting laws on Intellectual Property Rights. The risks are just too great if you plagiarize and copy content. So make sure that you quote or place endnotes when you choose to use parts of other’s content.

And lastly, your content should be written in plain, simple, and natural language so as not to destroy the natural flow of words as you write. Highly technical words and terms should be reserved for highly technical discussions, and should be discouraged for everyday internet use.

About the mood

You might be wondering what a section about mood is doing in a seo copywriting article, well, it certainly has a LOT to do about content writing. The mood of the reader would certainly affect the way he views a certain product or service. If you did not properly take care of the emotional side of your customer with your writing, consider him gone. Individual moods are affected by a lot of factors; although primarily it is internal, external factors could also affect his mood significantly and luckily what that individual reads is one of them.

First of all, you should be ‘in the mood’ for writing. Good copies are mostly written by writers who are either inspired or enlightened with what they are about to write. Content writers should make sure that they are in this special mood because the consequence of the opposite would be a very bad copy. A reader is also likely to be ‘drawn’ by an emphatic copy written superbly which would eventually end up making the reader get what you are offering.

One thing you could do to achieve that is to utilize emotional appeal to the reader. Try to integrate personal articles like “you”, “we”, and “us” more often; try to get your visitors as involved as possible. Avoid being too passive as it would prevent you from establishing a connection or a relationship with your target reader.

Keep your readers or customers engaged with your site. Make them think and interact by asking questions, giving riddles or trivia. All these create an air of friendliness for potential customers, and once you’ve made them comfortable reading, they are more likely to respond positively to you. As much as possible make them do all their transactions within your site, give out all the details about what you are offering so that can know everything they need to know. Trying to get online visitors ask questions and product or service information offline will be too cumbersome for them so be as accessible as possible.

Can the SEO Companies and Experts be Trusted?

If you are a webmaster then you would have experienced this. Everyday you get lot of messages to your inbox persuading you to try their SEO service with a free site audit. Many of my clients have been carried away by their promises that they opted for the SEO consultancy and had very bad results. Since many of my clients had doubts regarding the whole link building process and SEO. I recently conducted an exclusive webinar for them, here in this post I am sharing a few of the points discussed in the webinar.

Good vs Bad Links for SEO:

The biggest concern for everyone of my clients was; “What will happen to my site’s ranking if my site is back-linked in spam sites, or sites with adult content?”. This is a genuine concern, as the people whom you hire to do SEO for your sites might spam other sites with your link and can get 1000s of back-links from irrelevant sites, can do comment spamming and so on.

Now the question is, will your site be deindexed for this? The answer is ‘No’. This is because if any process has the ability to spoil your ranking and get your site de-indexed then anyone can kill their competition by doing it on their competition. Assume that X and Y are competitors, and X is taking site Y’s url and creating 1000s of backlinks in irrelevant and junk sites, then the site of Y should be de-indexed for no mistake of Y. So Google and all other search engines will not let that happen.

Can Competitors Harm Ranking?

There’s almost nothing a competitor can do to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index. If you’re concerned about another site linking to yours, we suggest contacting the webmaster of the site in question. Google aggregates and organizes information published on the web; we don’t control the content of these pages. (Google Source)

However there can be a negative impact in an indirect way. While you will not be negatively affected by poor link building, but there won’t be any positive movement in your ranking and if you competitors are doing their SEO correctly, then they will out rank you easily. So it is important to do the SEO yourself or through a trusted SEO company/expert. You need to show more caution as the New York Times exposed link spamming by some very high profile online retailers, most likely through paid links. Paid links are when someone pays a website for a link to their own for the purpose of improving search engine rank, a practice which search engines might consider webspam.

How to Spot a fake SEO expert/Company?

SEO Companies and ExpertsThere are plenty of scammers in the online marketing business and just as many unqualified practitioners who do not realize that they are clueless. The moment you come across promises like “Search Engine Submission” and profile links, you can be sure that they are newbies with very little SEO knowledge. There are 100s of SEO tools, and these grab a couple and do SEO without considering any other factors.

It is usually pretty easy to spot the really bad SEOs. They are the ones making wild promises of overnight top Google positions, guaranteed search engine rankings, and internet marketing success beyond your wildest dreams – all for a ridiculously low price. But even some of the more legitimate SEO companies should be seriously scrutinized. Some of them may have known what they were doing at one time, but search engine marketing is a constantly changing landscape. What worked great to get a website to the top of Google last month may get your website banned from the search engines today. Google is coming up with a new algorithm in the name of panda update every two weeks. A good SEO expert is someone who will never use black hat methods and will adapt to changing times.

My rule of thumb is if someone can rank a site for your in a competitive niche then he surely must have a very good rank for his own website. Check for his rank for keywords related to SEO, if he is not ranking at all then forget about him. It always amazes me how people try to find SEO experts and want to pay peanuts. If some one can rank a site for a high competitive keyword in google search then he can make more than 1000 dollars  a day just through adsense. So don’t get carried away by cheap SEO. There is nothing like Cheap SEO.

Many SEOs have techniques they would rather not make public, but when it comes to working with clients there should be no secrets. Don’t expect your SEO consultant to give you every little detail about what they do for your web site, but you have the right to know what techniques are being implemented and what it means to your website. You deserve an SEO that is open and honest with you. Bad SEOs want to keep you uniformed in order to avoid accountability.

Conclusion: First focus on your Onsite SEO, make sure you have quality and useful information for your visitors and then if you are still finding it hard to rank, then it means your competition is tough and only then you should opt for an SEO expert. Find a good SEO expert who is relatively well known in the industry and discuss every aspect of SEO and his methodology before placing an order with him. You can get in touch with me if you have any doubts through the contact page

Google Panda Update – How to do Search Engine Optimization Now?

Among Internet marketers and SEO experts, Google’s Panda/farmer update is not a new thing anymore. It is a well-known fact that there have been a lot of new updates and changes within Google’s ranking algorithms via Panda/Farmer update.

The main reason for this is the growing number of content farms. Content is bought or copied from free sources and through different tactics people ranked their sites. It is not right to rank these pages highly in the search engines, so Google came up with the Panda Update.

Google Panda

Google Panda- Out to destroy the junk content farms

Many marketers were affected negatively, others were not affected at all and some saw a raise in their SERPs. Google to stay ahead of other search engines always keep making updates constantly throughout the year. But those updates are generally minor and did not affect these many marketers.

If you are not paying attention to Google now, then it is time to start paying attention. Some people who are affected by google will start writing about how they hate Google and how they are going to focus on Bing and Yahoo. These haters should understand that still people trust Google, and Google’s share is well over 66% among all those people who use search engines. Above all Google is not asking us to use rocket science to create our websites. Google is simple asking us to provide useful content to the user, and a good site design to make the experience of the visitor a positive one. It is not something that is hard to achieve.

Why does Google continually make all these updates?

All of Google’s algorithm changes – past, present, and future – all have one key point behind it: Google’s Corporate Mission – delivering the best quality of search results to their users. This is how they have captured, retained, and expanded their dominating hold on the search engine market and search market. So if we provide that, then Google will help us grow.
History of Panda Update:

Originally released on Feb. 24, 2011 (ver 1.0)
Panda Update 2.0 (April 11, 2011)
Panda Update 2.1 (May 10, 2011)
Panda Update 2.2 (June 16, 2011)

Google in their official blog has clearly stated that

“Panda is not really a new algorithm per se, but rather it’s basically another “overhaul” of their current ranking algorithm”

The ultimate aim of Google’s Panda is to identify low quality pages and to eliminate them completely, so that only results that are good and relevant remains in the top of search results.

How Google Panda Works?

No one actually know the exact way the Panda works, however experts say that takes a bunch of sites that people like more and a bunch of sites that people like less. Then it grades both the group of sites on many parameters to determine the trustworthiness, credibility, and quality. Finally, Google will downgrade the sites that are liked less by people, and give a higher ranking to the sites that are more relevant and optimized for their users.

Are you a Search Engine Marketer?

Then first stop hating Google and its omnipotence. This will only lead to do wrong things. Panda is just another indicator of the direction that Google is taking as far as SEO is concerned. So let us adapt ourselves and shed off the bad habits.

As an online marketer who relies on SEO for making money, you are probably used to doing your keyword research, creating a site, posting good keyword content, making it accessible to the search engines, and then trying to get backlinks, rankings, and traffic to that site. This is the general procedure and it is still relevant, however we need to tweak a little bit as the traditional SEO will be done by many.

Today the user behavior is given a lot of importance, so you need to focus on your targeted audience and handle the visitors of your site in a better way. It is important to give the user a good experience with in the site.

Three important Strategies to have better ranking after Google’s Panda Update

1) Good Site Design for Good Visitor Experience:

The difference between an average internet marketer and a great one is the way they handle their site and its design. A good SEO marketer will develop a site design that promotes a positive user experience. By site design, I don’t mean flashy design with lot of effects, a good site design should not distract the visitor, and they should naturally feel the need to give backlinks to your site/promote your site by means of liking/tweeting and bookmarking. A good site design will also lead to lower bounce rate.

  • Have a simple and clean design which is pleasant on the eyes, no need to use flashy designs, as that will increase the loading time and will also be a distraction to the visitor.
  • Avoid putting many ads in the page as that will increase the loading time, add extra javascripts with in the page and will make an impression that the site’s sole aim was monetization.
  • Use images wherever necessary. Make sure you give a good ALT tag for the image, it plays a vital role in SEO.
  • Add videos wherever possible.
  • Have a good internal linking system, and make it easy for navigation with good category/navigation bars.

2. Good Content

Previously content was developed for the search engines and not for the visitors. There was a set rule like the page should have 5% or more of keywords. The whole page is often termed as Search-Engine-Food. It is more focused on satisfying or in other words fooling the search engines. The search engines, especially Google is very smart, so start creating content for the users. Make sure you provide useful content for them. Now Panda is well equipped to recognize which content is written for real readers, and which content is written just for SEO purposes.

  • Have options for the visitors to share your content like facebook like, stumbleupon, retweet and so on.
  • Focus on creating content that is engaging for your readers.
  • Make sure your content is free of grammar and spelling errors.

3. User Metrics:

It is now more important than ever with Panda, Google is trying to sort out the best sites to display to their users, which means they are looking at a lot of things that were never thought about by the marketers.

Factors like

  • Do people spend a good amount of time on your site, average time spent on your site?
  • Bounce Rate – To find out how many people visit more pages in your site and how many leave the site after seeing the page.
  • How many pages deep are visitors to your site browsing?
  • Your click through rate from the search engine results; it is now important to have a good title and description for the page. Even if your page comes in the first page of the search results but people don’t click on your site and prefer other sites, then Google will decrease your ranking, so it becomes very important to give a relevant and attractive title to the page to get more visits.
  • The diversity and the quantity of traffic that comes to your site.
  • How many users to your site are new versus return visitors? A good site will have a higher percentage of people who come back.
  • Loading speed of your site matters now, you can use Google’s own Webmaster Tools to get more information about your robots.txt, your site performance, crawl errors and loading speed. Make use of the power tool.

Also continue to build links for your site, in the form of Link Pyramids for better Off Site SEO


Google is such a big Search engine and to decode it is humanly impossible, but one thing is certain, that any site offers good value to the visitors can tackle any kind of algorithm change.
Just implement the above mentioned steps and I am sure you will benefit from the Panda Update.

How Cheap SEO Services Help Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization:

Among marketers and even online Marketers, Search Engine Optimization is not getting its due. People still think that advertising and marketing is all about billboards, television ads, or radio commercials. While the new age marketers are still using adwords as the major form of advertising. Lets face it, banner ads are not working anymore, 90% of the people who browse online are ad blind, their subconscious will not permit them to even look at what a banner ad is saying. Today the best way to reach the target audience is through Search Engine Optimization and ranking the site right at the top of google search engine results. Let us see some statistics, out of all the search engines which the people use 66% of them use Google to get the information. 42% of the people who click on the websites on google search click the first result. So it is not only important to be on the first page of google but one should target the first position in Google. About 90% of the people use google to find local businesses and services, and only 7 percent of these businesses are doing SEO and get free quality traffic from Google. So Optimizing your website to rankhigh in the Google rankings will exponentially increase your traffic.

How to do Search Engine Optimization:

Even if you own a website for your business, you are mostly reliant on a third person to run your website. You will be getting hardly a few visitors a day. If you do the basic SEO correctly, then you can get 1000s of visitors for your website. Instead of you looking out for buyers, the buyers will search for you and visitor your website. This can exponentially increase your earnings. The best part is the visitors coming from top search engines are much more likely to purchase your service or product. If they are clicking your website instead of others, then they are already showing keen interest in your product/service so the conversion rate will be higher. Now coming to the question of how to do search engine optimization; It is not an easy job to do a complete SEO. A search engine will respect to your site only when you have good authority for the keywords. You can achieve that authority by

1) When there are lot of other good sites link back to your site.
2) You content is well optimized. With proper H1, H2, H3 tags, correct keyword density, proper formatting, usage of correct tags for images and so on.
3) Good navigation and internal linking.

Achieving the things related to your site can be done using a good webmaster, however the off site things like buiding backlinks and Link Pyramids cannot be done by you completely. One can create 10s, or even 100 back links, but search engines are looking for 1000s of backlinks, So you should look out for SEO Services.

Alternative to SEO Services

There are quite a few alternatives for SEO services. Even if you cannot afford a Cheap SEO Service, you can very well acquire a few tools that can help you get all your SEO work done in a matter of few clicks. I you can read the article about creating Link Pyramids using tools like Rank Builder or Magic Submitter. These tools can aid you in fulfilling all your SEO needs and are a good alternative for an SEO Service.

Cheap SEO Service

SEO is a long term marketing strategy. You cannot reach the top of Google ranking in a matter of few weeks, it will take months to reach the top. Once you achieve that, then you need not worry about you advertising costs. You will continue to get visitors for free without spending a dime more on acquiring new customers. Google Adwords or traditional marketing is quite costly, AdWords can cost you anywhere from 50 cents to 50 dollars per click. Unless you have a great conversion rate or an amazing product you cannot run the campaign with much success, in addition to spending a lot of money, you will end up losing a lot of opportunity.

Finding a cheap SEO company that does quality work is difficult to find. The top SEO companies won’t work for under $20,000 a month and even after charging this amount they will not guarantee an improvement in your Search Results. This makes all the small and mid sized companies to struggle. So for the small businesses which cannot afford huge investment we are offering our SEO services at a highly discounted rate.

If you are looking for cheap seo services and cannot handle the SEO yourself, then do contact us using the contact page for getting a free audit of your site. We offer very cheap and high quality SEO services. Cheap SEO Service doesn’t necessarily means low quality SEO service. We will show full results before getting the final payment from you. Every report of back link generation, and improvement of rank in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) will tracked and reported for you.