Web Designers vs. Web Builders

Many of you business owners out there face this same battle every time you think about your website. Do you go with a web designer who will take all control from you and to build the website of your dreams or do you use a web builder and create a website by yourself?

Web builders like Wix, IMCreator and Weebly have helped millions of people create websites easily, even without Photoshop or coding experience. For people with small website needs, these tools are of great help. There are so many web builders out there and that are easily accessible to people who have used them and were able to launch their websites in a day! However, in the same way, there are millions of talented web designers out there, and their numbers are growing by the day. Read more

Hostgator – Select the Right Hosting and Dedicated Servers

In a previous post I explained how you need to select a domain name and web hosting for your online presence. While starting your online business or a simple website, you will not be needing huge resources. The initial traffic for the website will be relatively less and the content in your website will also be less. So the load on the server where you have hosted your website will be less and hence you need not worry too much about your web hosting provider. However you will grow both in terms of the content it has and the traffic it gets. As this increases the load on the server which is hosting your website also increases and many small time hosting providers cannot handle higher loads, as they host 1000s of sites in a single server. It is at this point you need to think about the server/hosting that is right for you.

A well prepared business plan for a website will address this issue right at the beginning. That is why we always advise our visitors to go for the best. Even if you don’t have the budget and want to opt for a shared hosting, then do it with the industry leaders (Hostgator). Their shared hosting starts from 3.96 per month, however the right plan for a start up would be the baby gator plan which works around less than 10 dollars if you pay monthly or $ 6.36 per month if you order for 3 years.

The reason why hostgator is ahead of the rest is the number of inodes that they offer. Every hosting provider today will claim that they offer unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth, but there is a catch; they offer far little inodes (inode is the short form of an index-node, it is the data structure on a linux platform. An inode stores all the information about a regular file, directory, or other file system object. So every file or a folder becomes an inode). The maximum inodes that most companies offer is 50,000. However Hostgator offers 1,50,000 inodes, you can cross that as well with out backups.

The other areas where hostgator scores over competitors are the customer support, speed and uptime. For beginners, or people with little knowledge about running a website, the customer support is very critical, they need the support of the hosting company to handle many problems. Hostgator has the biggest customer support infrastructure among the top shared hosting providers, and they offer 24X7 support for every issue. The speed, is another criteria and hostgator is much ahead of it competitors. Finally the uptime, they have an uptime of 99.99% , I don’t remember when was the last time, that they were down.

This is not all; they offer a load of other useful features

  • UNLIMITED Disk Space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • FREE SiteBuilder, a very simple way to start your website even if you are a newbie.
  • EASY Control Panel
  • 1-CLICK Script Installs, you don’t need to have the technical expertise to start a website.
  • 4,500 Free Website Templates
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support
  • $100 Google AdWords Credit, you can start getting free traffic for your business right away through google ads with this free coupon.

You can try the baby gator hosting plan today for just 1 cent by going to Host Gator Website and using our exclusive coupon EARNONLINE994 or if you want a discount of 25%  then use the coupon EARNONLINE25.

Hostgator’s Dedicated Servers:

Hostgator - Select the right host

When you site grows beyond a particular level, you will then need a dedicated server to handle your needs. That too for certain resource intensive plaforms like wordpress (with lot of plugins and features) when the site has more content and lot of traffic, then it is time to move for a dedicated servers. There are thousands of dedicated server providers all around the world. Again you need trusted providers, who provide the best in class servers, the right support and great reliability. I again advise you to go for hostgator servers.

Hostgator is offering a great discount on its servers. You will get $100 off and hence can afford to get a dedicated server for as little as $74. You cannot get such good servers for this rate anywhere else. Try this offer now and power your online business with the right host. Go to Hostgator Website  for getting $100 off on dedicated servers.

Speed up the Loading Time for a WordPress Website

WordPress beyond doubt is the most preferred platform for internet marketers. The ease of usage and the ability to add any kind of functionality through different plugins makes WordPress the ideal platform for internet marketers. Previously the internet marketers used to depend on developers to get their website done. It is not required anymore as they can use wordpress to set up their business the way they want all by themselves. However some issues will creep up as the site grows, the major problem with wordpress sites are the loading speed. If you are new to wordpress then learn how to create a website using Wordperss

We need good plugins for better site functionality but as we add plugins the loading time of the site too will increase. Here are certain steps which you can use to reduce the loading time of a wordpress site. As 9 out of 10 internet marketers use shared hosting in web host like Host Gator, Blue Host or Dream Host, they will also experience server overloads, as these servers are shared. So you will also be asked to upgrade to either VPS or dedicated server. You can opt for it, if you can afford it, however the first thing that you need to address is optimizing the wordpress site to load up fast and to reduce the server load.

Speed up the loading time for wordpress:

We did a lot of testing and experimentation to find the best solution for WordPress users. You should strike a balance between the site functionality, SEO and the loading time. Google has made it clear that they take the site loading time also in to account while ranking a website for a keyword. So along with doing everything for better SEO you should also focus to improve the loading speed of the site. So we should focus on all the possible venues to speed up the wordpress website.

Steps to speed up the loading time of WordPress

You can do this by following these simple steps.

Step 1) Download and activate W3 Total Cache

It is very powerful caching plugin for wordpress and the best part is it is free. You can download the W3 Total Cache Plugin here. Install the plugin, after installing you will notice a new section in your admin sidebar called “Performance” Under General Settings, disable Minify. We will install a seperate minify plugin as it works far better than the minify module of W3 Total Cache.

You can tweak the plugin settings as per your requirement. It is better to activate all the other modules of the caching plugin. Whenever you activate or deactive a plugin make sure you empty the cache as the site will serve the cached copy of the site when a new visitor comes. It is easy as W3 Total Cache will automatically prompt you to empty the cache if you add or remove a plugin.

Step 2) Download and activate WP Minify

Down load and install WP Minify plugin. You can download the plugin here. Install the plugin. This plugin integrates the Minify engine into your WordPress site. Once enabled, this plugin will combine and compress JS and CSS files to improve page load time.

WP Minify grabs JS/CSS files in your generated WordPress page and passes that list to the Minify engine. The Minify engine then returns a consolidated, minified, and compressed script or style for WP Minify to reference in the WordPress header.In the settings (under “Tools” in the sidebar), make sure that the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML Minification options are all checked.

There is also a feature to “Place Minified JavaScript in footer”. This can further help in decreasing the page load time, as the site will load even before the javascript at the footer loads, however you need to test the site in different browsers if you are activating this plugin. There are instances where the site design gets broken because of activating this module of the plugin.

Step 3) Download and activate WP Smush.it

This plugin will optimize every image you upload henceforth since you activated it. The wordpress will control the sizing of the images uploaded however it is not good enough. This plugin is very important if your website contains many images in the homepage/other pages.

This plugin is quite simple and all you need to do is download the plugin (click here) and install it. The plugin will optimize all your images.

The following are the functions of this plugin.

  • stripping meta data from JPEGs
  • optimizing JPEG compression
  • converting certain GIFs to indexed PNGs
  • stripping the un-used colours from indexed images

WordPress Plug-Ins For Richer Content Management System

Websites have evolved from being boring, formal and bland to highly interactive and feature rich. The major reason for this is requirements from websites increased and then came the book of Web 2.0. So from being just a one way informative tool a website became a highly engaging two way interactive interface. It not only became two way, but also evolved in to feature rich experience for the user. The change can be attributed to the influence of great number of people who develop open source platforms. When it comes to open source platforms, the first thing that comes to mind is WordPress.

Now let us see in what ways WordPress can help a new marketers. It comes without saying that the better the experience you give to your visitor, better will be the returns. Not only the user experience WordPress offers better Seo(Search Engine Optimization), good flexibility in terms of themes, placing of advertisements and a lot more. Above all the biggest strength of wordpress is the available list of plugins.

You can literally implement any feature that you want in to your website through plugins. You need not do pages of coding to get the feature that you want to be implemented in your site. Once you have your Domain Name and Web Hosting, you can install wordpress on your domain just through a mouse click, and you can add a lot of features through just clicking a few icons in your wordpress dashboard. It is amazingly user friendly. From being a highly technical job, now getting the right features for your website has become a just a matter of clicks.

This one click install of wordpress doesn’t mean that it is less powerful. You can literally do anything that you need your website to do by itself through plugins. This is the reason why today most of the web designers and content providers prefer wordpress over other platforms. Internet Marketers are loving wordpress, because they need not depend on coders anymore, and can save a fortune in doing things themselves. They also can install a custom made theme that is suitable for their niche.

Even people with coding knowledge love wordpress because wordpress gives access to the source code and anyone can play around with the functionality or develop additional features in the form of plugins. If you are an internet Marketer there are few plugins that are absolutely necessary for a successful website. The best part is most of these plugins are free, all you need to do is download and activate through the dashboard.

Some of the Plugins that an Internet Marketer should Look in to:

Contact Form 7

This plugin is needed as google these days are stressing on a privacy page and a contact form page. This plugin can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Display a list of related entries on your site and feeds based on a unique algorithm. Templating allows customization of the display.

Advertising Manager

Easily place Google Adsense and other ads on your WordPress blog. Simple to use, with powerful management and optimisation features.

All in One SEO Pack

Automatically optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization).

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines to better index your blog.

Share and Follow

Add Share Icons, Follow Links, Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet and other buttons on your site in the way you want. Simple & adapatable social network

You can add quite a few widgets in the side bar to make you site more attractive and feature rich. WordPress is truly a dream come true for a lot of internet marketers. If you leverage the power of wordpress then you will easily succeed in internet marketing.

Content Management System (CMS) Web Design Advantages

CMS web design platforms are fast becoming the number one choice for business web development applications. This is primarily because CMS web design allows businesses to manage their own website content and look via the online back-office system.

Nowadays having a website is not enough. In our fast-pace business environment having a website that is up to date, projects the current business image and informs customers and clients about specials, the latest news or services is required. CMS websites make this challenging task that much easier.

CMS websites

CMS websites meet just about all web development needs of businesses and have many added advantages that make them the first choice web development solution. The following points are but some of the advantages and benefits of these robust platforms:

1. CMS is user-friendly, allowing for easy web publication, content management and updates. Many CMS system are so user-friendly they require no technical knowledge.

2. They Search Engine and Search Engine Optimization friendly. CMS websites are particularly SEO friendly, with many great plug-ins available to manage website SEO.

3. Customized website templates. CMS websites are template-based and there are various premier template developers on the web. Web designers often generate custom website templates for clients to give them a unique look and feel.

4. Robust component and plug-in directories. The strongest feature of CMS web design platforms like Joomla and WordPress is their plug-in and component systems. This allows developers around the world to develop applications for the respective platforms that benefit the whole community. Think of any application one wants to add to your website and there is probably a plug-in for it!

5. You are not alone. The CMS community is one of the strongest in the world with great support and resources to assist you with your web development needs.

6. Built-in user content generation and comment. Joomla and WordPress in particular have great built-in user content generation and comment features that allow users to have their say and contribute to content generation.

These advantages of CMS web design platforms have placed them at the forefront of the web development industry. CMS is always one step ahead of other web development platforms. See more CMS web design resources.

Joomla Extensions Component And Modules

Joomla is a content management system that has brought a lot of value to sites across a variety of industries through the years. Whether you run a blog or site on automotive repairs or one that strictly clings to movie reviews, you need a good CMS to help you build a sense of community, run the daily operations of your website, and enhance the overall presentation of what you do. Joomla accomplishes all these things through the extensions, components and modules that it offers to those deciding on their CMS for the daily operation and upkeep of their websites. If that sounds like you, then get ready to be amazed when you switch to Joomla.

Joomla’s extensions, components and modules enable you to build a sense of community with their easy to operate and integrate features that essentially have your visitors building your site for you. When you can get others enthused about your site-equally as enthused as you are-it becomes very easy to spread those good vibrations through the World Wide Web itself and grow a community of organically built traffic that will have your search engine rankings soaring and your advertising revenue going through the roof.

Furthermore, the add-ons of Joomla enable one to run the daily operations of their site easily and effectively. Of course, this software will not automate the entire process for you. You still have to care about developing the content of your site to a point that delves deeper than the surface of your chosen niche. However, it becomes much easier to maintain enthusiasm for your content working within Joomla’s attractive and easy to use system that many sites are already choosing as their number one area of interest when it comes to building quality content on the web and keeping it coming with frequency.

Last but not least, enhancing the overall presentation of what you do is another area where the modules, extensions, and components of Joomla take you above and beyond the call of duty in the eyes of your readers. The web is a place of vibrant colors and deep contrasts. It can be quite hard on the eyes over time and in its most obnoxious forms. Having a site that excels in the look of its presentation is icing on the cake for those developing solid content and reaching out to others to build a sense of community that is intoxicating.

With all the ways that Joomla has given back, and will continue to do so as long as it exists, isn’t it time today to make the switch? The longer you go without a quality CMS system, the more brilliant add-on features you are missing out on that could really take your site beyond the next level.

Our most preferred CMS software are Joomla and drupal. They are easy to install and running a joomla site is very convenient. See our eukhost Joomla hosting and review in this eukhost review site. There are also hundreds of eukhost reviews, ratings and comparison tests.

Creating Content for Website: Six Easy Steps for Better Website Articles

Quality website content is something that you should be aiming for if you want your website to attain success. Information-rich websites never fail to attract more viewers, which makes it a hit among the search engines, too. However, some factors can hinder one from creating content for website, such as writer’s block. These sure-fire tips should help you, though, in your copywriting goals.

1. Help your readers solve their problems without some hard-selling tactics

Making money is often the number one reason why websites are set up. However, hard-selling tactics never guarantee that one could get ahead of the race. Gaining your reader’s trust is a good way to go, where one can do some subtle pre-selling strategies. People scour the internet to find answers to their problems – not buy something that may only possibly add to their burdens.

So before you even start pounding on the keyboard for some website writing tasks, be sure that you know what could keep your viewers wanting for more and then write about it.

2. Share the things that you are knowledgeable about – and show that you are an expert at it

If you already have a website, then focus on a particular field of interest. If you are selling mobile phones and other gadgets, for example, then it would simply make sense to create website articles that reviews new mobile phones. You could also write about tweaking gadgets or installing downloadable apps and the like. Your website content may even say something about how to buy these products and the like. It sounds quite simple but a lot of people might actually find such articles to be extremely useful.

3. Scour the internet for reports and creatively present them

Backup what you already know, with a bit of research. Start on searching for the right keywords – particularly those that are being used in your website content, which would be “mobile phones” in this example. New articles can be created using the available pieces of information incorporated with one’s own experiences. You might even want to include other sites in your website articles if you believe they are helpful.

4. Ask out help in creating content for website

You do not always have to be alone in your content creation tasks. Writer’s block may often be a big problem and sometimes, we would run out of topics to write about. When such situations come up, you could actually ask your readers submit questions or comments from which you could write a new article about. This should help you churn out hundreds, maybe even thousands, of articles – people never run out of questions to ask!

Of course, you do not have to create that much content for your site but such example should help you on what to do when you run out of stuff to talk about.

5. Republish write-ups that had been made by experts in the field

Just because a certain topic had already been written does not mean that you could no longer write about it or have it published again. Website writing is all about fresh and unique content, so if you want to become a reputable name in your chosen field, do not go bragging on writing something you did not actually make. If you do opt to reprint articles, link it back to the author or the original article. Write-ups from E-zine Articles and Go Articles may be reprinted free.

6. Let your visitors do the website writing job for you

Owning a website does not mean that you always have to do the work. If your website content is interesting enough, though, then it would not be so hard to bring readers back to your site. You could allow commenting to let readers express their own thoughts and ideas. You could also set up a bulletin board, which comes pre-installed with most hosting plans, to add more content to your site. Moderating forums and message boards can be exhaustive though, but it pays off well since it could get your website popular among those interested in your field of specialty.

These six easy steps should really help you out when you feel like you lack on website content. Now, your website readers should be able to get exactly the answers that they are looking for and get additional information as well.

It is the best system of any I have used. You can have the key to how to make money on-line faster than you can imagine! Grab your FREE copy now at: http://www.atmcashengine.com

What Are the Differences Between Joomla 1.5.X and Joomla 1.6?

Joomla is a content management system (CMS) for web sites. Current estimates (as of January 14, 2011) are that Joomla powers 2.6% of all web sites. Joomla version 1.x was replaced with Joomla 1.5x several years ago, and the changes were significant. Late on January 10, 2011, version 1.6 was released. This version has some wonderful changes, and many parts of Joomla were re-written from scratch to accomplish these feats. Here are some of the changes.

Joomla 1.6 has finer access controls.

Access control lists enable the web master to have fine, granular control over who can see which articles, who can edit which articles, and who can create new articles. These controls are not just for articles, but most aspects of the web site. Additionally, you can create more user groups besides the traditional public and registered. The access controls also allow for configurable user groups.

The category structure is more flexible.

Instead of two levels of hierarchy for articles (sections and categories), complex multiple levels are allowed. Categories can have parent categories and grandparent categories and great-grand parent categories. In Joomla 1.5.x, to get similar functionality, the extension K2 was needed, but the new categories were separate, and in addition, to the existing sections and categories. Joomla’s 1.6 category structure takes the place of the old section and category structure. Sites that have a lot of content, and nested content, will enjoy this feature. For instance, instead of having a Section called News and high level categories like Animals, Education, and Kids, you can set up a category called News with a subcategory called Animals. The Animals category could have subcategories called Mammals, Reptiles, Fish, and Birds. Mammals can have subcategories of land mammals and water mammals.

Multiple installation packages can be combined into one package.

Extensions like community builder will be able to be installed by installing one extension instead of five or six installs. You won’t have to worry about the order of installation anymore.

Joomla 1.6 has more support for multi-lingual sites.

There are start and ending publishing times for modules.

Before, you could have start and ending times for articles, but not modules. Now, this feature is available for modules too. Here’s an example of when you would want this. One site I maintain offers a scholarship each year. I can publish the module advertising the scholarship the two months before the deadline and not year round.

The media manager is better.

You can now upload multiple images at once, instead of one at a time.

Code Mirror

Code Mirror, an editor that allows you to see the HTML code with color coding and formatting, is part of Joomla 1.6.

You can control the templates more.

Instead of having multiple templates on your site for different pages, you can make little alterations to a template that appear on different pages.

Module assignments are better.

Before, if you wanted a module to appear on all pages except for one page, you could assign it that way in the module manager. But, every time you added a new menu item, you’d need to go back into the module and assign it to the new menu item. Joomla 1.6 has a feature called “All Pages Except Selected.” So, you won’t need to edit the module assignment after adding a new menu item.

Gwen Nicodemus owns and operates Shiny Newts, LLC. Shiny Newts solves technical and documentation problems for its customers in a timely, professional manner – often going “above and beyond” – by providing custom services and pre-packaged services. Visit http://www.ShinyNewts.com to watch videos on how to use Joomla, Photoshop, and Word or to read Gwen’s ebook, “Write a Marketing Plan by Filling in the Blanks.”

Affordable CMS Web Hosting Plan For Any Kind Of Websites

If you have been around the web for any length of time, then you have probably seen the abbreviation CMS. This stands for content management system, and virtually every site on the Internet uses one in order to keep their users stocked with information. They also use a CMS to build a sense of community with existing and future users. One of the most attractive aspects of using a CMS is the customization factor. As a site administrator you can build and manage content, grant powers, take them away, and ultimately produce the kind of site that you can be proud of both today and in the future.

But in order to build this kind of site, you need a web hosting plan that makes use of an easy to configure content management system. What you don’t want is something far too complicated to figure out. Drupal and other open source CMS technologies make it possible for you to put your site on auto pilot to a degree. The more you learn about the opportunities that open source creates, the quicker you can take advantage and build a stronger website of greater longevity. If you are looking for the right web hosting plan, then first see if you can take a test drive on their interface.

Try to build a site before signing up. If you can work with the CMS in place, that’s great. But if you don’t want to take the time to learn something new, how easy is it to bring your previous skill set to a new system? This is a question you must answer satisfactorily if you are going to hit the ground running.

Another feature of quality web hosting that you should look for beyond the CMS is the level of support. While some web hosting companies force you to work around their schedule, others such as Ipower make it possible for you to get the help you need whenever you need it. They are able to do so through 24/7 IM and phone chat, ensuring that a live body is always on call to answer your questions.

Before making a final decision on which web hosting company to use, you should also compare to other companies and measure limitations against one another. Some companies offer unlimited data transfer and storage. Some place restrictions on the amount of bandwidth you can use before having to pay a premium. Still some will not play nice with your previous CMS if you are transferring sites and domains. Before you buy, make sure that your hosting company is equipped to handle all the demands that you are going to place on it. Only then can you feel confident with your final decision.

Ipowerwebreview.org is a Ipower Reviews and Ipower CMS Hosting review and info site. Consider ipower hosting for your next cms web hosting, host joomla drupal mambo site with ipower is really simple.