Blogging for Better Search Engine Marketing

Everyone who is in to blogging clearly knows that a well-written, engaging and an informative blog can generate huge huge amount of traffic and in turn money. Back in the late 1990’s, blogs (back then it was called as web log) are utilized by users to track updates and references resources online. Blogs then evolved in to a powerful money making tool. Now the focus is more on money and not on the content. The first thing one who is getting in to blogging should understand is the importance of content. One should pick a niche in which he has some expertise, by doing so he can stick to his strengths and interests and also deliver the visitors with content which is useful for them.

Blogging for Better Search Engine MarketingNow coming to Search engine marketing, it is simply the process of getting your blog and its content sufficiently high ranking in several search engines for your keywords. If you are blogging about a term say ‘natural weight loss remedies’ and if your content is good and is ranked in the first page of google, yahoo or bing search engines, then you will get hundreds of visitors every day through these search engines. Attention-grabbing content titles and sites help users to feel compelled to click on your link in the search engine results pages and eventually visit your blog.

Additionally, search engine marketing needs a Web site/blog that is optimized for search engines. Normally, this is a Web site that can display a configuration setting that makes it look interesting to search engine spiders. In turn, the spiders will visit the site and look at your content. After doing this, the spiders then pick up significant keywords, which determine the characteristic of your page. Lastly, the content returns to the search engines for the purpose of being indexed. The algorithm of the search engines have evolved a lot and now you cannot rank just by adding a lot of keywords. The search algorithm now looks for quality content.

Enhancing Search Engine Marketing

Nowadays, blogs are making tons of small news Websites or mini content centers that contain significant information and links. Compared in the past, search engines visit major news Web sites since they were the ones who were the ultimate sources for the newest content to be found online. Blogs have outpaced several media outlets online due to their capability to deliver and publish fresh information to the public faster.

The key in getting noticed more by the search engines is to publish faster. Since search engines looks for the freshest, high value and relevant information, it is important for you to publish frequently. This would get your blog more visits from major search engines and others.

Blogs have a natural relationship with search engines. Since blogs are natural search engine magnets, the search engine spiders will visit your blog often if they detect an update from it. In addition, the content of your blog does not have to wait for months before getting into search engine result pages but instead, your content will be displayed in a matter of hours or days.

It is important to know how much the search engine can do for your blog. Blogs should be frequently updated to allow the search engine spider to visit you often, since they are normally programmed to visit your blog as often as you publish fresh contents.

Reasons Why Blogs Rank Well in Search Results

Firsly, blogs are designed to meet the demands for search traffic and search engines. Blogs are also highy significant in their niches and are considered as the best sources of the most up-to-date information online. More so, blogs can be keyword optimized. Keyword optimization helps blogs achieve high rankings in search engine results. Additionally, wisely distributing the keywords evenly on the content can also help your blog rank easily on search engine results.

Compared to Web sites, blogs are also text-rich publishing tools. This only means that the code used by blogs is light weight. This makes your blog’s content highly visible to search engines. Search
engine spiders can visit your blog frequently and crawl over your content faster because of greater clarity. This clarity provides a vivid interpretation of what the content of your blog is all about.

Ready-made Blogging for Newbies

If you are new to blogging and don’t know how to set up a profit making blog, then you can go for professional blogs made for you by experts. These experts have generated over a million dollars from their own blogs. They are offering an optimized domain name, web hosting, professionally written blog posts, they will also implement different ways of monetization.

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Blogging and Making Money Online (2011 Version)

Blogging, in 2011, is incredibly easy to do if you are not using it as a mechanism solely for making money. Most blog platforms offer free versions; others, like WordPress, offer hosted solutions where you pay a small fee per month to your hosting company and then integrate with WordPress tools and the platform. Whichever way you do it – either the free version or via a hosted version – it is simple to set up and get started. So the barriers to entry in the world of blogging are basically zero. No cost, fast, and easy for anyone wanting to start a blog.

The difficulty, however, is in the competition across the world of blogging. A lot of very well-known sites are, or were, actually blogs. Did you hear about AOL buying Huffington Post a few months ago? Well, Huffington Post actually is a blog. What are some others? Internet marketing and technology folks are very familiar with Techcrunch. There are numerous other very well-known web destinations which are blogs and were started by one or a handful of individuals like you and me. Most of the big blogs started out creating fantastic, relevant content and their audience grew over time. In fact, their audiences grew so much, that they could solicit advertising, grow their newsletter lists and then sell those lists to advertisers, or even in some cases could charge a fee (subscription or one-time) to view certain content. All of these are ways, or tactics, that bloggers ultimately can make money and turn their hobby into a career. Easy, right? Not really. In fact, people making enough money from their blogs to make it a career are in the minority.

Instead, a well-written blog is a conduit to other businesses and is really all about building your audience.

The point is that for people who actively engage in blogging, the best mindset to have when you start is to make sure you enjoy it and create content that some segment of the population – whether it is friends, family, colleagues or strangers – enjoys too. That should be your number one goal at the outset, NOT money. If you create good content and are a reputable source about your subject matter, the money will come later on either via your blog or an offshoot business. Why? Because the audience will follow well-written and interesting posts, and eventually your blog will gain in exposure. You shouldn’t even think about making money or monetizing your blog if you don’t have an audience. Write about interesting things and topics, people will find you, and the more that happens the better in terms of what future money-making prospects look like.

There is another interesting question related to blogging as it stands in 2011 that I hear over and over again. The question is: Is blogging still relevant? The reason this question gets asked has to do with social media. So many people are using Facebook, Twitter and other social vehicles to communicate, the question begs of whether blogs are becoming irrelevant. In other words, why even create blogs or pay hosting fees for your blog if you can just go onto social media platforms and write about relevant topics to your audience?

My answer very definitively is that blogs are not becoming irrelevant, and in fact it is quite the contrary. Blogs are even more important in this highly-social era. While social media is great, and should be utilized to build your audience and build your blog’s audience, understand that there are limitations in respect to social media. The biggest is that the content is short-form. Twitter is only 140 characters. Facebook isn’t necessarily conducive to in-depth commentary. LinkedIn, same thing. If you have a topic and want to write about something with any kind of depth, blogging really is the perfect solution. Sure, blogging takes a lot more time than tweeting or posting Facebook status updates; but if you want to build an audience through anything beyond a pithy comment here or there, it really is important and necessary.

Again, this is not to say that social media is not important. It is. In fact, I believe your followers on social media should feed your blog. I always shudder when people say “find me on Facebook” versus “find me at my website”. If you are serious about blogging, and eventually making money through blogging, you should be doing everything you can to be directing eyeballs to your blog, from social media. Don’t abandon social media, but understand what it is and isn’t necessarily useful for when weighed against the virtues of blogging and building your audience that way.

In short, my main tip for blogging is to make sure you enjoy it and enjoy creating content in whatever your genre is. Do not start a blog with the prospects of making money or creating content that you think will make money. Start a blog about topics that you are passionate about, and for which you feel you are an authority about, and don’t think about money. Just think about building your audience. If you do that well enough over time, the money will follow.

Mike Sprouse is a Chief Marketer, Corporate Entrepreneur, Author and Philanthropist. He is a recognized public speaker and marketing expert, having run every facet of marketing and corporate strategy for public and private companies. Mike is the author of the critically-acclaimed book, “The Greatness Gap”, and is a frequent blogger on his website at He is a former professional tennis player with an ATP world ranking in singles. Mike is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a BA in Accounting. If you would like to read more about Mike, you can visit his “About” page on his website at

Amazon Affiliate Marketing – the Best Program For Bloggers

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is a trendsetter in affiliate marketing circles. The important thing in any business is to sell, it can be a product/service, tangible/intangible, but at the end of the day something should be sold for running a business, and to sell a lot you need more sales force. There is a physical limit for a store, you can only recruit a certain number of people and can only display a certain amount of product for sales. This is not the case with Marketing/Selling online. You can display any number of products in your online store and also recruit any number of sales people and can reach any number of potential buyers online.

Amazon Commission Structure:

Amazon Affiliate MarketingThis is the concept which made Amazon what it is today. The multi-billion online store; it runs on the pure power of affiliates around the world big or small. A person from Uganda or Indonesia too can sell a product from Amazon. It is presenting people all around the world with an earning opportunity and in return is getting more sales force for Amazon. That is the reason why Amazon has traditionally offered more commission than any other program. In consumer electronics amazon offers 4% commission whereas other top retailer like walmart offers 1%. Amazon offers a maximum commission rate of 8.5-15% whereas most other affiliate program offers 4-6%.

Amazon and Small Businesses:

When it comes to physical products Amazon is clearly ahead of its competition. Amazon is also helping small businesses to sell their products through Amazon. By allowing these third party players, Amazon is getting more inventory to sell and also gets more business by charging them a fee to display their products in Amazon. The small businesses too get tremendous exposure and affiliates to sell their products, thereby building a mutually beneficial relationship. In short Amazon has revolutionized the online marketing Industry over the last decade. Now they are getting in to home made electronics like Amazon Kindle and Amazon Tablet PC.

Amazon for Bloggers

Amazon’s strength is the number of affiliates who market amazon products, and Amazon is fully aware of the fact that there are numerous small time players and newbie affiliates who are promoting their products. To support them, they are offering numerous widgets and promotional methods. Recently they extended ready-made widgets to blogger and few other blogging platforms to insert their ads directly. They are also providing contextual ads for bloggers, so if you blog about photography, they they will naturally display ads about photos and camera. Also it is easy to join their program and start earning right away. If you are a newbie marketing or an aspiring affiliate marketer start off with amazon.

The Art Of Blog Commenting For Backlinks

Blog commenting is a great way to get backlinks to your site. It can increase your ranking in Google and, even more importantly, get your site more exposure in your niche. You can increase your own blog readership by commenting on the blogs of others.

However, anybody who has a blog knows that spammers routinely hit them with spam comments. There are a few huge mistakes you can make when commenting that will get your comments deleted as spam. If this happens it could actually hurt your ranking in Google and it definitely won’t get you any new readers. Here is how you do it successfully without looking spammy.

Let’s say that you find a blog, read it and think to yourself, “Wow, this is really interesting information. I’m glad I found it and I’m going to tell all my friends. I’ll be sure to bookmark this and check back!”

Even if this is what you truly feel, DON’T even think about saying that in your blog comment. Why? Because that’s what spam looks like. The spammers have gotten pretty clever with their messages, but there’s one simple way you can still spot them – They don’t say anything at all about the post.

When you comment on somebody’s blog, mention something about the blog post. It shows that you were paying attention. I guarantee that your comment will be approved and not flagged as spam.

Now, there are a few things about linking and filling out the form when you leave a comment. It’ll ask you for your name, email address and website URL. Put your real name, or at least a name that looks real. If your name is “cheap flights online,” that’s definitely spam. People want to know they’re reading real comments by real people. If you’ve got an avatar, that’s a nice touch too.

Don’t put links in the text of your comment. Spammers do this, thinking it’s going to get them traffic. Actually, where it asks your URL, that’s where you’re going to get traffic. Putting links in your comment is a good way to get it erased. If a blog owner sees a link in the comment, they’ll probably just delete it without looking.

Put your website URL in the given field and nowhere else. That’s what the field is for, and trust me, it works. If people like what you said, they’ll click on it. You only need that one URL to get the clicks, so put it there and leave it at that.

I know this is obvious to most people, but don’t say anything that sounds like you’re promoting your site or yourself. Remember that a blog is an interactive community and not the advertising section of the paper.

Finally, although the aim is to get backlinks, establish your credibility and increase your web presence, it’s best if you don’t think about that while commenting. In other words, rearrange your mindset. This is your niche, right? So, say something about the post or ask a question. Blogs are actually supposed to be dialogs, so keep the conversation going.

I could say, “Comment so that it looks natural,” but it’s better to comment in a way that IS natural. If you do this, you’ll look like what you are – a reader who had something to say about it.

I also recommend subscribing to the blogs that you’ve commented on and may comment on in the future. This way, you don’t have to waste time searching each time for a new blog to read. I have a few that come straight into my email inbox and, when I feel like commenting, it’s just the click of a button.

Blog commenting is great for getting backlinks, getting readers and getting the attention of Google. But you’ve got to do is right or else it’ll look like spam, and you won’t get any of the above.

I write your content so you don’t have to >> I’ve got hundreds of satisfied customers under my belt. This article is copyright 2011 by Greg Scott. Anyone may use this article as long as all links in the article and resource box stay active and the article is not altered in any way.

How to Captivate Your Reader Beyond the Blog Headline

Wouldn’t it be a pisser if after crafting a killer headline, your reader’s bailed from your blog because your opening content failed to captivate their attention?

A stunning headline followed by an opening that can’t carry the momentum is like getting your dream girl to agree to go to prom with you only to get denied by her overprotective father.

So, here are 5 sure-fire ways to follow-up a killer headline:

1. Ask a Question

Asking questions to your reader’s creates a burning desire to know the answer. This creates the type of curiosity that persuades them to continue to consume your content beyond the headline.

2. Share a Captivating Quote

A killer quote can reel in readers just about better than anything else. When you are battling for your reader’s attention, getting their heart pumping with an inspirational quote can compel them to continue reading.

3. Paint a Picture

Using words that stir up your reader’s emotionally keeps the momentum of your post flowing. The more you can excite the imagination of your reader’s the better chances they will stick around to see your call to action, post a comment, or subscribe to your newsletter.

4. Story’s Sell

Your blog headline is what hook’s your reader to check out your stuff. But if you follow-up content bombs, your reader’s will flee faster than water though a bucket with a bullet hole in it.

Using a well-crafted story in your content practically Seduces Your Readers into finding out how the story ends. The truth is, there is only so much stuff your reader’s will retain. To increase your chances your reader’s will remember your last wisdom bomb, writing a story can keep your content fresh inside your readers memory bank.

5. State a Stunning Statistic

Did you know that 77% of Internet users read blogs according to Universal McCann? To get more of these internet user’s checking out your stuff, you are going to need to do more than just bang out a brilliant headline.

Finding a fascinating stat can work wonders when you are trying to write attention grabbing content for your blog.

Doing some digging around on Google or Technorati are powerful places to get attention grabbing stat’s your reader’s will love. Just remember that if your headline bombs and fails to captivate your readers attention there is little or no chance for your blog post to get read.

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So what your thoughts on blog headlines? Feel free to stop by my blog and drop your best wisdom bomb in the comment section.

Boost Your Webpage – Get Revenue Generating Blogs

“Blogs”; the most exploited medium by the internet world, was initialized as personal experience post. People shared their individual saga online and within no time, it became the most coveted medium of communication thus encouraging all and sundry to share their own stories. Banking on the popularity of blog posts, web marketers started using this medium for promoting products/services online. It would ideally include a written content about the product/service in descript and experiences associated with it by different people. Thus the era of boosting web traffic through blog posting started.

Blog posts are such reliable source of promotion that they can boost traffic to the extent of making you a millionaire within few months on the pre-condition that they are taken advantage of wisely.

There are certain fundamental rules for boosting traffic through blog posts.

You have to remember that blogging is a continuous process. Therefore, if you have posted a limited blog post and you desire a huge traffic inflow, then you are in for disappointment. The thumb rule for blogging is that it necessitates regular inflow. Consequently, you need to keep on updating content repeatedly, thus keeping the visitors concern alive. Added to it, enclosure of keywords is undeniably going to amplify the search engine rating broadly. Do not forget to add links as these links are a mode of encouraging link marketing, thus boosting your web page invariably. Links are a great medium of magnifying web traffic as they augment means of communication between the blogger and the user, thus formulating active participation by the users.

Blogging also requires you to be precise, informative and updated about data relevant to your content for providing regular feed. This keeps the readers hooked onto your website. Once you manage to engage the visitors, it becomes easy to advertise your website further.

Blogging is the best means to amplify your website space thus making it an imperative entity in the e-retailing scenario. Added to it is the benefit of provisioning innumerable links within the leveraging innumerable links within the website owing to the presence of unlimited blogs, with each of them boasting of their own link.

Blogging is an ideal technique to boost your web traffic but it solely depends on your content, promotion and writing skills. A blog should appear more like a conversation rather than a school chapter narration. It should have a personal and informative appeal.

Plus point of ease of blogging is that creating blog post is the easiest thing to do online as it does not require any technical expertise like creating codes aka HTML or any other. Therefore, even an internet novice can carry on blogging uninterrupted.

If the blogging goes right, unending traffic is diverted to your web page thus helping you engender high revenues. Therefore, an expert recommendation would be to initiate blogging to get loaded.

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Can a One Month Old Blogger Earn $500 Every Month?

Is it really possible to make $500 a month? Is it true that we can make money just within one month of starting the blog? Do freelance network jobs and blogs alone allow a person to earn enough to support his family? Is the news we hear about teenagers making thousands of dollars online true? The answer to all these questions is a big yes.

But remember, the answer is not ‘yes’ in all circumstances. There are bloggers who don’t make a dime even after years of blogging. There are bloggers who have tried all the ads claiming to make them a millionaire overnight in vain. Just like any other business, freelance network jobs also require lot of skill and dedication to succeed. The key factor in earning through blogs is creating more traffic for your blog. The more visits you get, the more money you can make. There are various freelance network jobs like selling products through affiliate links which guarantee regular income from blogs.

Age is no bar for earning through blogs. Always remember to start your blog in the field in which you are familiar. If a young boy is able to make numerous other young boys visit his blog which has information about video games, he will definitely make more money than the normal bloggers who have very few visitors. Apart from freelance networking jobs like posting ads, links and affiliate marketing, bloggers can earn in other ways like posting advertisement banners, PPC and CPM advertising. A freelance network worker can come across plentiful ways to make money through their blog and website. Since they are not tied to any contracts, they are free to use their space in the cyber world in whatever way they want.

Earning $500 a month is a pretty easy job if the blog is set up on a popular topic using adequate SEO techniques. Most of the successful bloggers are students because they have so many friends and can easily make their friends visit their blog. They use their contacts in social networking sites to increase the traffic to their blog. They engage themselves in various freelance network jobs like selling products through affiliate marketing. Blogs are a great platform for such jobs. Blogging helps you improve your writing skills. Freelance network jobs which can be mixed with blogging will fetch you a lot of money. These freelance network jobs are like a gold mine. Skillful diggers earn a fortune while others go home without any penny in the bag.

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Some Easy Ways To Make Money From Your Blogging Efforts

There are tons of people all over the Internet that have blogs that they use to express themselves, to sell things from, to inform people, etc. Whatever the need, it’s out there and covered by one blog or another. Are you one of those people? Do you have your own blog or thinking of setting one up? If so, did you know that you can make your blog bring in some extra cash as well?

This is not a new idea, making money with your blog, in fact people have been doing for quite some time. Some people run their entire businesses off of their blog and others use them strictly for advertising while others use it for direct sales. It’s all up to the person and what they are trying to achieve. If you have never done this before, here are a few ways that your blog can make you some money.


  1. Google AdSense and Pay Per Click.These are services that advertise and they will pay you a certain amount of cash each time a person on your site clicks on the links they have given you to place on your blog. Once you sign up, they will give you a small code to paste into your blog and that’s it. So, when someone comes to your blog for a visit and they happen to click on the AdSense or PPC ads you just earned yourself some money.
  2. Affiliate Programs. This is another popular way to earn money from your blog. When you join one of these programs you will earn money or a percentage of sales for any time a person who clicks on your link you provide and either signs up for something or buys something from the link they clicked on. This is a great way to sell products that you like without having to provide the product to the customer yourself and you still get a commission from the sales.
  3. Drop Shipping. You can make money off of your blog by actually selling products from your site and not providing links to other companies. Here you actually buy products to sell at wholesale, add money to the wholesale price which becomes the retail price and your profit off of the product. Then the warehouse that carries the product will ship the items out to your customers.
  4. Text Link Sales. If you happen to have a popular blog already but just isn’t set up to make money yet, you might try advertising spots for people to purchase from your blog. Allow them to have text ad space on your blog for a fee that you choose. This way those who visit your site will have the option to visit the company advertising on your blog. You will not receive a percentage of the sales just what you charge them for using your blog to advertise on.


No matter what method you pick to use to get your blog to start making money for you, understand that this is not going to happen overnight and it’s going to take a lot of time and patience on your part. But once it starts to take off, you’ll be glad you did it.

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10 Tips To Enhance the Effectiveness of Your WordPress Blog

As you are already aware, content is considered to be the king of all websites. So, it is very important to manage a great content in order to attract visitors regularly rather than waste all your time in simply designing your website as people who visit websites does it in search of effective content.You can never win potential clients if you fail to manage commendable content. If you are bent on acquiring great SEO result, you must go through this article. You can seek help of SEO copywriting services in order to achieve this. You can also manage content by yourself but I would recommend hiring SEO copywriting services in order to manage better as well as effective content!

Optimize title tags

For SEO purpose, title tags are very important. Professional SEO copywriting services would help you to manage these tags efficiently. In fact, these copywriting services can aptly provide you with SEO content writer or web copywriter, who can make the titles appear in the form of link in social bookmarking sites and search engine results.

Maintain archive pages

It is better to maintain one archive page. In fact, I recommend archive page for all blogs. This would help your readers gain acquaintance with the things that your website is in possession of and if it provides the information that they are in the lookout for! It is very easy to create these kinds of pages, with or without plugin.

Ensure Usage of Proper H Tag Structure

It is better to use proper H tag structures in order to ensure commendable SEO result.

• Use h1 for titles.

• Use h2 for the inside titles.

• Use h3 for the inside sub titles.

Make use of commendable permalink structure

In case you are not using permalinks, do not ever dare to ask why you are getting so bad a result of search engines. A professional SEO content writer or web copywriting services can impress upon you the need of permalinks.

Increase Pagerank by posting comment on others’ blogs

SEO copywriting demands insertion of backlinks. In fact, if your blog is new, having backlinks is not always easy. The only solution here is to start commenting on others’ blogs.

Install ‘All in One SEO Pack’ Plugin

This is considered as the best plugin of WordPress. This allows you to activate keywords and meta descriptions and also avoid duplicity of content. You can seek help of copywriting services or web copywriter agencies in order to achieve the same.

Create robot.txt file

: Remember that duplicity in content can always harm your blog. You can avoid this by creating robots. txt file.

Go through WordPress SEO ebooks

As you know, ebooks can be used to have useful information. If you are in doubt even after reading these books, get in touch with a professional web copywriter for more information.

Blog Regularly

Apart from ensuring these tips in order to aggravate effectiveness of your blog, ensure that you blog regularly. Consistency is essential in order to attract clients. So make sure that your blogs are updated regularly. If you fail to update your blogs regularly, you can seek help of web copywriter agencies or professional copywriting services.

Optimize blog Since search engines nowadays dominate the virtual world, it is important to use search engine optimized content. Hire professional copywriting services in order to manage a search engine optimized content.

You can follow these simple steps in order to have commendable web content. However, it is advisable to hire a freelance or professional web copy writer or SEO content writer as they can win clients for you by providing you with a well optimized content, that too, at a nominal charge.

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3 Blog Writing Tips For Coming Up With and Making Better Content

Whereas blogging began as a personal web log for individuals through which they could express them selves online with a small group of friends, now the world of blogging has expanded so that anyone can do it regardless of their technical knowledge and they can do it as a business. Some of the biggest websites today started out as personal blogs for individuals,

One of the biggest keys to getting a successful blog lies and consistent writing. People like consistent writing because this means that the person whom they are reading is dedicated to that topic and has a lot to say on it and there is always something new to be learned. Search engines like consistency, as well, because it’s the mark of a frequently updated and relevant website.

When you have to constantly be churning out content in order to develop an audience and please the search engines, it can get difficult to produce content at that rate. As such, here are 3 blog writing tips to make it easier to write and produce new content regularly.

Plan Your Day Out In Advance – Ever since I started doing this I saw my productivity soar. What I do is every night before I go to bed I’ll write a todo list for the next day in terms of what I want to write about. At the very least I’ll do some keyword research to pick out my keywords which I’ll turn into titles the next day. When I wake up the next morning, I know exactly what to do and can hit the ground running which is a great way to start the day on the right foot.

Search Message Boards for Ideas – You may have heard this blog writing tip before, but message boards can be an invaluable source of ideas for posts. Look at the kinds of questions which people are asking, then turn them into posts. You can even link back to your post in that thread which would be a very effective source of targeted traffic.

Write About What You Know – I always recommend that when someone gets into blogging that you start in a niche/subject which you have an interest in and existing knowledge about. A lot of marketers known as niche marketers jump into various niches to test them for their profitability, but if you’re just getting into this you need to focus on something you’re already interested in so that it will keep your interest in the early days before you have a strong following and before you’re making any money from your site.

I’ve just scratched the surface. I have 4 more effective blog writing tips which you can check out by clicking on this link for blog writing tips.