Building Your Perfect Work-At-Home Office

When you first start working from home, the freedom to work wherever you want is amazing. You can sit with your laptop in bed, in the garden, or on the sofa. You can stay as warm and comfy as you want, smug that you don’t need to travel into an office and wear formal clothes. However, the novelty soon wears off, and you’ll start to flounder as normal office items aren’t at your disposal. You won’t have company health and safety rules to adhere to, so you might end up with an aching back and poor posture. Plus, you’re unlikely to have the same IT support and protection as before. So, here’s your guide to creating the best environment for working at home.

Are you sitting comfortably?

The most important thing you should set up first is your desk and chair. This might mean doubling up your dining table as your desk, but for now, it will do. Once you have a hard surface to work from, find a suitable chair. You need to look for one that’s ergonomical and supportive, which helps you sit in the right position. If you want to be super attentive to your muscular health, try looking for a standing desk, or a stool to sit on. A stool is a cheaper alternative to a high-quality chair, but ensures that you can’t slouch. Once you’ve found a chair, make sure your set up is right. You’ll probably have to invest in a laptop stand or similar, as your laptop screen should be at eye level – you shouldn’t be looking down or up at it.

What if your IT goes wrong?

One of the best things about working in an office is the IT support. If anything goes wrong with your computer, you can simply call up a technician and ask them to take a look. However, when you’re working from home, you’re unlikely to have the same privilege. So, you need to cover yourself for the most important aspects. Get a good anti-virus program, and use software that has a support function. You should also look out for professionals who can help in case of anything awful happening, like your laptop crashing. Finding a service that can help with corrupt hard drive repair means you won’t ever lose all your work, even if your hard drive fails.

Is your stationery cupboard full?

Your ‘stationery cupboard’ will cover everything from having a printer with ink and paper, to having small accessories like marker pens, post-it notes and notepads. They’re all items that you take for granted in an office, but when you set off alone, it’s a hindrance if you don’t have them to hand. A good printer is vital, regardless of the industry you work in. While the majority of what you do will be digital, you still will need to print things like labels, contracts, forms and tickets off. Similarly, you should make sure you have all you need regarding getting online. You’ll need a secure, reliable connection to the internet – slow broadband won’t do you any favors if you’re having to Skype call colleagues or transfer files.

Starting A Business: 3 Unmissable Steps

Plenty of people turn to running a business as a perfectly viable way of making a living. Regardless of what previous life experience you might or might not have, this is always something which you can try your hand at. Of course, no two businesses are the same, and that is part of the enjoyment of it for new business owners. There are, however, certain things which all businesses must do in the early days. It is a good idea to bear these in mind long before you technically start the business. That way, you are much more likely to succeed in the long term. If you are curious as to what the main steps are, then read on. Let’s take a look at what they are now.

Source Funding

No business can get started without money. And no business can get very far without a continued profit stream. Getting started really is the worst part, as anyone who has ever tried to run a business will tell you. However, it is far from impossible to get the right funding for your business. No matter how much you need, you can always get hold of what you need to. It is just a matter of knowing where you need to look. One of the best ways of getting hold of decent funding for a business is to invest your money in stock which you can be relatively sure of. One great example of this kind of stock is Facebook. If you are interested in making some money this way, learn from Money Morning here. They will be able to guide you in the right direction. And once you have the proper funding for your business, you are well on your way.

Write Your Vision

This is one of those aspects of doing business which many people consider to be inessential or somehow silly. However, the fact is that all businesses need a clear idea of where they are going. This gives your business direction, and allows you to have a clear focus from the outset. You would be amazed at what a huge difference this can make. That’s why you should sit down in the early days and write out what your vision really is. What are you hoping to achieve with your business? Why? As long as you know the answers to these questions, you can be sure that your business will succeed in the long run.

Spread The Word

Marketing is one of those aspects of running a business which seems to be a lot harder than it really is. Often, more is made of it than is necessary. In truth, it is mostly just a case of spreading the word. This is important for all businesses in all stages of their development. However, it is particularly important for a business which is just starting out. Before you even start trading, do everything in your power to spread the word about your new business. You will be amazed at what a difference this makes overall.

How Promoting Your Business Has Become So Much Easier

In a perfect world, we would exist in a meritocracy. Only the best, the most skilled and the most capable would be the ones to rise to the top. Every product that made it would be brilliant; every adventurous young business would be a thriving, ethical one worthy of praise.

It’s surprising how many people who are founding their own business think the same thing. When asked about their marketing strategy and how they plan to spread the word, they have surprisingly few ideas. They respond that if they are good, the word will spread naturally, imagining a world where we all tell our friends and success and fortune follow. Read more

Tasks You Must Do Before Launching Your Own Business

If you are thinking about launching your own business, it should absolutely not just be a spur of the moment leap. Sure, the decision to strike out independently can be spur of the moment. You might suddenly be hit by a fantastic idea for a gap in the market, or finally have had enough of your micromanaging boss.

However, actually making the leap itself should be something entirely different. So, before you quit your job and take out all of your savings, hang fire. Take a breath! There are a number of tasks you must do before launching your business. These vary from the financial to where you will be based and how you will market yourself. Read more

Making Sure Your Company Booms In Year One

You can think of your business like a restaurant in New York City. Either, you open big, or you don’t open, and it’s as simple as that. We know that people think there are businesses that can open small and then slowly build up a reputation. Gradually discover the consumer bases and see the demand for their product or service creep up. But this isn’t what you want. If that occurs, you’ll be looking towards a rough road ahead to make your company any kind of a success. That’s why you need to know the secrets of how to make your company boom. Read more

How Word Of Mouth And Referrals Work In The Internet Age

The internet has made the word of mouth system a global one. No longer is it is simply a matter of people telling friends and family, instead everyone can tell anyone their opinion on a business, regardless of their location. Social media, blogging and review sites have made it easy for anyone to be heard around the globe, with the potential to make or break a brand. Read more

5 Virtual Office Tips

Working virtually is cost effective for employees just as it is for employers (who are able to save money on utilities and office space).  With gas costs continuing to increase, I am very grateful to be able to work as an employee from my home office! reports that approximately one out of five workers all over the world are telecommuters.  CBS News has noted that 20 percent of employees perform some or all of their work projects at their homes.

Not everyone is well-suited for working virtually.  However, if you happen to be in the 20 percent of workers who spend most of your week working from your home office, then the following tips are for you!

  1. Dedicate a space in your home that is solely for work.

This will help you stay focused and organized.  I fortunately have a spare bedroom that I can use as my office.  When I am finished with my work day, I can just close the door.  If you don’t happen to have a room that you can spare, try using a corner of the living room or turn one of the closets in your house into your office.

  1. Don’t let yourself get isolated.

Socialize with others via Facebook Groups, GChat and Skype.  Interact with others just like you were working in an office.  Make an effort to develop relationships with your co-workers.  Don’t hesitate to communicate with them.  Your virtual office doesn’t need to be isolated from the rest of the world. According to Robert Carter from Your Virtual Office London this is quite common, so get out and about and talk to people when you can if working from a virtual office.

  1. Organize your time to prevent burn out.

When you work from a virtual office, you will probably be sitting for many hours in front of your computer.  Use thirty minute calls that have specific agendas to help manage your time.  Phone calls can help you stay in communication with your colleagues and also help break your day into manageable, small tasks that are easy to complete.

  1. Dress Professionally

Although you might be more comfortable wearing your fuzzy flippers and yoga pants, get dressed for work every morning.  Part of feeling like a professional working in an office is dressing the part.  Although all of us have off days when staying in our pajamas makes total sense, it is much more likely that you will be focused and productive when you look your absolute best.

  1. Stay organized and always have a calendar and notebook on hand.

Make a to-do list to prioritize your time and refer to it every morning.  Your list will give you a good idea of the things that need to be accomplished that day and what things can be done later in the week.  It will also definitely help the time fly quickly.

Keep in mind that working from home still means you need to work.  It isn’t always the greatest idea for individuals who can’t stay focused or have too many distractions at home.  However, it is a great way to earn a living for so many of us.