Facebook Pros and Cons – The Benefits of Facebook Versus Its Downsides in Advertising

In a recent study it was revealed that 80% of Google AdWords revenue comes from the top 1.4% of advertisers. This implies that the major revenue for Google comes from a few big corporate sponsors. Google was in fact built by the small-timers and middle scale marketers. So today it is getting harder and harder to market in Google because of the giant cometition in the bidding war, and even the traffic that is generated is through the clicks of people who are uninterested and clicked on invalidly. In fact, it is averaged that 20% of PPC costs are from invalid/fraudulent clicks.

Facebook Ads – The Pros

It is laser targeted, Facebook allows us to create the kind of profile that we need to target to get the best results. This is called people targeting. By advertising through Facebook we can reach a more targeted audience. You can alter your ads in order to appeal to specific demographics, instead of having one ad that can be viewed by everyone (this can be done with Google as well). The one thing in which Facebook advertising is ahead of Google is targeting of demographics like age and gender, there is no way Google can do that. Because you cannot sell lipsticks to men. The other advantage is advertising with Facebook is relatively very cheap at the moment. It’s advertising platform is very strict with ads to keep the website social and friendly to users. That means NO big time spam ads. This is a BIG discouragement to many businesses, which is what makes it better for YOU, the smart advertiser.

Facebook Ads – The Cons

Downside to Facebook Ads

There is a problem with Facebook, in that people don’t go there to shop, they go to there to… well hang outThis does not mean that you cannot successfully market to them, but rather, you must learn new marketing techniques useful for capturing the attention of Facebook users. By doing so, Facebook advertising can be extremely profitable for you. So you should not use the same advertising strategy that you used with Google and we need a different strategy altogether.

Simple Strategies for Facebook Advertising

Facebook users are not going to search for a term like “Where to buy cages for birds”. So it is important to first grab their attention and convert them as a potential lead, by collecting information.

The First Step = Get the users to click your ad, it should be designed well enough to catch their attention. You have to practice, rework, research, and create an ad that grabs the user’s attention long enough to click on the ad. [Facebook Ad Designing strategy]

The Second Step = Getting people to act.

The website that you send them to when they click on your ad is a super important component. You have to decide what kind of action you want them to take when they land there. Here I would say you can create a good facebook fan page and then redirect them there, as people need not leave the facebook interface so conversion will be high. T

Here you can collect their information and email for further communicating with them.

The Third Step = Following Up.

You now have the lead, follow up with them. Never force your products, if you products are worthy enough then they will sell by themselves, all you need to do is remind them.

There is no end, you can keep coming out with new and innovative strategies.

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Recommended Books for Facebook Marketing:

Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day Facebook Marketing: Designing Your Next Marketing Campaign (2nd Edition) Facebook for Business Facebook Advertising for Dummies

How to Optimize Your Google AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords…probably the most popular advertising tool on the Internet. A product by Google, it helps you to reach out to your target customers. The greatest thing about this tool is that it gets your website listing, according to where and when you need. However, you might lose some money, when you bid on the most searched and popular keywords on the web. But Google AdWords also has a solution for it, you can find the right keywords for your website that can facilitate your business using the keyword tool in it. After all, it’s about converting keywords into sales leads for your business with your ads.

If you are expert, Google AdWords will be a piece of cake for you. But if you are not, then these campaigns might take some time for you to understand. You are spending a decent amount of money on this program, so you need to ensure its success thoroughly. Moreover, if you can get to manage a steady ROI from this tool, you can concentrate on the campaigns with a free mind.

How to optimize Google AdWords campaigns:Many people think that there is no need for optimizing your campaigns, since you are putting ads out there. But the reality is, posting ads is not enough and you need to know the tricks to optimize your ads. Did you know 90% web users search Google before shopping online? This means that getting your ads there is an added advantage for you. This ensures more hits in your favor.

Now one might say that hits are not equivalent to sales. Isn’t it? We know that. To convert it to sales, you need to track the best search keywords. You can use analytics tool for that. Search the keywords that invite more traffic to your website. The Google analytics tool will guide you to choose proper keywords. Besides, there is website traffic data to make you understand what search terms are getting maximum hits.

Long tail keywords are effective in this context, since they ensure deeper niche minus competition. You have to ensure at least 40% of your search terms lead to sales. This way, you can identify which keywords are working for you and which ones are wasting your money every month. However, choosing the right keyword is not all for AdWords campaign. You need to know how to optimize the campaign listings properly.

You need to have keywords in your ads. You need to grab the attention of wider web users with these ads. To do that, you can use the keywords on the ad headings. A campaign is lot more than a victorious pay per click advertising program. You need to eye it for long-term goals, so that your viewers turn into leads. For this, you need to offer them good website content along with your services and products.

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Tinni Ganguly is a technology expert, working as a freelance technical writer with Evon Technologies. She has written on numerous technical domains, emerging technologies, and latest industry practices. Presently she is putting in effort to write for people having no or less technical knowledge, and introduce them to various software technologies and benefits of outsourcing.

Digital Marketing Through Pay Per Click (PPC) Model

Pay Per Click model of digital marketing is the most common and evidently effective tool the World Wide Web has to offer to advertisers jostling for online traffic for their websites and, in turn, generating more revenue by successfully converting a visitor to their web page into a customer. In order to best exploit the opportunities thrown open to your business by this concept is to understand and appreciate the changing dynamics of online searches and then adapting your strategies to better meet the end result.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click is one of the many marketing and advertising tools offered by leading search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo that are available for businesses to further their cause of growth and sustenance. The idea is simple, every time a query is processed by the search engine, based on the keywords or key phrases, the user is provided with a list of sponsored Ads or links next to the organic results. If you are a party to the search engine’s PPC services, a link to your website is displayed among the sponsored links. Every time a user clicks on the link displayed, you pay the search engine a pre-determined amount. So, you pay only if the search engine is successful in sending a user to your website.

Why PPC?

Simply put, if you have determined the cost of attracting a user to your website and can calculate to a certain extent the conversion rate and hence the generated revenue, then you can easily estimate just how valuable each visitor to your website is. Assuming that you have taken care of all other virtual triggers, all you need to do is to ensure the traffic to your portal is high. Getting into a contract with the popular search engines to display sponsored link to your website right next to organic results increases the chances of more visits to your website.

How to ascertain keywords or phrases?

This is where digital or web marketing companies, like Internet Moguls, come into the picture. Taking example of the hospitality sector which thrives on publicity and reputation, the core competence of hotels lies in services of most luxurious kinds and comfort to their guests rather than indulging in mastering the complexities of search engine optimization or social media optimization. In order to invade the web space and conquer the market, businesses like luxury hotels can avail services of consultants from web marketing companies to identify the keywords through systematic and foolproof methods. As web marketing companies have thorough knowledge of tools which lay bare the complexities of search engines and their operational techniques, Pay per click model can pay rich dividends if services of a web marketing company.

Is It Really That Simple?

Yes. and No. While it is easy to avail PPC services from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, this must be noted that you can pay dearly for either choosing wrong keywords or thus paying for clicks which have rare chances of turning into a business opportunity. Also, PPC should not be your digital marketing strategy but just a sub-set of it. It is important to have all the relevant web marketing tools and models in place, including an interactive yet easy to navigate website, participation in content management portals which aggregate and publish content related to your business, provisions for maintaining and improving your online reputation among other vital online activities. It is to be noted that PPC pays only if you have done the groundwork and that is a job best left to the experts.

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Bidding Techniques For Google AdWords

Bidding can be a bit challenging in Google AdWords especially if the product that you are trying to promote involves a lot of competition so here are a few bidding techniques to guide you. Keep in mind that these are just suggestions but I am pretty sure you will learn a lot from them:


  1. Google, via Google Editor, gives you the ability to select as many keywords as you want simultaneously and at the same time have the power to amend their bids in one swoop. This mass bid function is so advantageous to people who are managing more than one account because it gives them the ability to see and download your campaign information and relevant statistics and the Advanced Search button helps you funnel out the keywords you want to amend.
  2. If you have been bidding for quite some time now, you may have already noticed some discernible patterns in the behavior of your market like for instance you already know historically that at a specific period of the year, your sales and inquiries skyrocket compared to the other months when conversions are lean. One great bidding technique would be to increase or decrease your bids not only by exact values but also by percentages which means that at the time when you know you will be reaching your peak, you can boost your bid to maximize your chances on conversion.
  3. More on the keyword filtering aspect of Google AdWords, you can specifically remove the costly non-performing keywords entirely from your campaign and leave the cheaper converting ones. The best way to do this is consistently make experiments on what keyword combination works by matching each of them with each other and using the Analytics Tool to see if the match works.
  4. If you have not heard of First Page Estimates, you may be interested in studying that a bit further because first off, there is huge room to move in there that can greatly help increase the exposure of your low position keywords, however you really need to master its complex nature first. The feature is amazingly great and you would find it in your best interest to make the most out of this feature but you must recognize them as estimates, not accurate data and always consider them as indicators, not something that you can entirely hinge your keyword bid decisions on.


There is no denying it, the Google AdWords tool will save you a great deal of time optimizing and making sure that your online campaign looks great and at the same time, it provides amazing features on the upkeep and tracking of your current campaign helping you steer to the right direction whenever necessary.

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Discussing A Planned Way To Combine Your SEO And PPC Campaign

A lot has been said, discussed and accepted about the benefits of compiling PPC and SEO campaigns. Many veterans also stated that the combinations present one of the most powerful ways of accomplishing online business success. Since, both the techniques are quite competent in delivering the best advantages, the outcome ensures overall objective accomplishment of gaining more and more clients at much reduced expense.

Here’s a Catch:

But obviously, things are not as smooth as it sounds. The two techniques will offer their best advantages only if they are implemented in the right way. So in this article, we are going to put forward the right way to do things. Both PPC and search engine optimization come with their own set of benefits and pitfalls and hence, when you would want to integrate them for gaining only the benefits, you have to be sincere and cautious. The attempt is going to get you the best of both the organic search results and paid results for one keyword phrase. Moreover, by having your website listed in both paid and organic search results, ensures more traffic and clicks, and definitely improved chances of higher conversion rate.

Keywords database:

It all begins with the game of keywords database. Since keywords have a specific place in both pay per click and search engine optimization, you have to begin with the compilation of new, relevant keywords. If your website is huge, then your PPC campaign need to pay heed to the primary keywords, whereas, SEO services can fend on the long tail words. On the contrary in case of small websites with a small set of keywords, primary keywords should be worked upon by SEO services providers, whereas PPC marketing services providers should work with long tail keywords with reduced cost.

Begin the PPC campaign:

Now that you are through with your advanced list of keywords for both your PPC and SEO campaigns, it is time to launch both the campaigns. Need not vacillate about which to start first because irrespective of the size of your website, it is the PPC campaign that is required to be started first, and to lay down the testing ground for the inward SEO campaign. Moreover, it is easier and less time-intensive to launch to PPC campaign as compared to an entire SEO one. So grab your new keyword list and ad copy and start along with your PPC campaign to work strongly with keywords and gain more impressions and clicks.

Latest Technology:

The latest technology given by the search engines exclusively for PPC marketing services can help you come up with a new keyword list for your SEO campaign. Also, you may find out that which of your advertisement is offering more click-through-rate for its title. Naturally, these titles can also be a part of your SEO campaign website. So now when you have extracted all required information out of your already running PPC marketing services, you can now begin with the search engine optimization campaign alongside.

Hence, just little of carefulness and sincere attempts with a planned fool-proof strategy, you can cast your way to success. Go as you plan and gain most of the benefits out of your Search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns.

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Google AdWords Keyword Tool and PPC

If you ask any successful online marketer they will invariably tell you about the benefits they derived from Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This tool is ultimately responsible for many of their successful campaigns. There is a lot of misconception that this tool is useful only to run google adwords campaign, however that is not the truth. Google Adwords Keyword Tool can be used for lot of other SEO activities and this tool really has made many online millionaires than any other tool.

Uses of Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Especially Niche marketing rely heavily on this tool. This keyword tool also plays a significant role in the selection of domain names for niche marketing for good SEO. Google Adwords is quite popular in the internet marketing circles for targeted keyword research. Internet Marketers use this tool to find out the keywords that are searched by the users and target those words for their ad campaign.

Google Search Engine has an extensive database of the searches that people are making in their search engine. Google Adwords Keyword Tool will have access to this information, so if you are getting in to internet marketing this information will be of great use to you. Assume that you are planning to sell bird cages, then what are all the information that you will need?

  • How many people are looking for information about bird cages per month?
  • Geographical Location of these people.
  • Competition among the sellers of bird cage.

These three are the primary information that you will need, Google Adwords keyword tool will give you these information and in addition to this it will tell all the related search terms the people use to search about your keyword, and the advertisement rates for your keyword.

This is all you need as an internet marketer. These days all the successful internet marketing campaigns are typically started by researching with the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

How to Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Once you have the above information then you can bid on phrases or keywords that a consumer would likely use when looking for a specific product. The next step would be to design your ads, and set a rate that you are willing to pay Google for displaying your ads. Your purchased ads will appear above the search results in Google or to the right of the search results. Every time a consumer clicks on your ad, you pay Google.

There are different ways of harnessing the power of this tool. Google Adwords Keyword Tool can be used for split testing. Once you use the tool you will know the commonly used search terms by the users, so you can create 2 or more landing pages based on the search terms. So different search terms should have a different landing page, and based on the conversion you can find out the best performing landing pages and spend more money on it for more profits.

Choosing to spend on Google AdWords carries some risk. Your conversion rates will determine whether your campaign is successful or not. You can drive traffic, but if there is very little conversion, then you entire campaign will run in to losses. So Google Adwords alone is not sufficient for being successful. You need a good product/offer and you should have good landing pages which are convincing. But once you have those, then by proper incorporation of the Keyword Tool into your AdWords campaign will definitely give you amazing returns.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool is 100% Free. So even if you are not running Google Adwords campaign, you can very well use it for niche research and in domain selection. There are many SEO tools which harness the power of Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Like Market Samurai, Micro Niche Finder, seomoz, spyful and so on. Among these tools based on our research the best tool that offers value for money is Micro Niche Finder, they also offer a USB togo, which you can use in any Computer/Laptop [Read the review of Micro Niche Finder here].

You might often wonder what is going wrong with your website. You may have a well-designed website that looks good and has very good information, yet you might not get the traffic it deserves, chances are you neglected proper keyword research. Your web pages might be lacking the right keyword density. Proper On site SEO and proper keyword research can change increase the popularity of your website.

Harness the power of the free Google AdWords Keyword Tool and achieve the desired results.

How to Access the Tool

The previous Keyword tool of Google, www.google.com/sktool is no more functional and is closed. The Google Adwords tool too is now modified and you cannot get a the bid rates without signing in to the adwords account, to make the full use of Google Keyword Tool you should now have an adwords account. You can open an adwords account here www.google.com/adwords and can access the tool using the link Keyword Tool

Recommended Books for Better Usage of Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Advanced Google AdWords Winning Results with Google Adwords Sams Teach Yourself Google AdWords in 10 Minutes Google Advertising Tools: Cashing in with Adsense, Adwords, and the Google APIs

AdSense: Making Money Online Made Simpler

Maximize your site by generating some couple of dollars per click from including AdSense advertisements onto it. Most people are now aware of how good money is made on this. Try computing how many clicks of AdSense ads will be made on each and every page in your website and you will receive a summation of earnings equal to a monthly residual earnings with this little effort. No sweat, isn’t it?

Just how much money you’ll be generating will rely on just how much the marketers are prepared to pay. It depends also about the key phrases needed. When the key phrases the marketer have selected are very popular, you can receive more dollars per click. However, low demand key phrases will enable you to get only a couple of cents per click. In here, keyword research is the key. There should be a balance of number of searches and number of competition.

How will you begin to make profits from your website using AdSense?

1. Subscribe to an AdSense account. It’ll just take a couple of minutes.

2. Once the website is recognized, you’ll be getting a code to incorporate in your webpages. You are able to place this code on as numerous pages or internet sites you want. The AdWords will begin showing up soon after.

3. You’ll be generating a couple of cents or some dollars per click when someone begins hitting the AdWords shown on all of your webpages. Attempting to earn false revenues by over and over again clicking by yourself advertisements is really a no-no. This can lead to a problem or the potential of your website being removed. The cash you’ve already gained might be lost due to this.

4. View your statistics. AdSense earnings could be checked anytime by logging on your account.

And the next question is how can you improve your AdSense earnings?

1. Pick one general subject for your site. And then another minor subject per page. It is advisable to write a content for the page with only a couple of specific keywords or key phrases. The search engine will show advertisements which are most relevant that will then lead to greater clickthroughs.

2. Using light area surrounding your ad. This could build your ad stick out in the page so site visitors can see them easily. You will find also other options of colours you should use, which could coordinate the colour of the ad with the site color.

3. Test out your ad positioning. It’s suggested to make use of the vertical format that runs lower along side it of the site to obtain more success. You may also try both vertical and horizontal formats for any certain time period to determine what one provides you with better results.

4. More content-based pages. Widen the theme of the website by creating pages that focus more about your keywords and key phrases. This can optimize the web pages for that search engines like Google. It cannot only attract traffic but additionally make sure they are more relevant for that AdWords to become displayed.

There are a lot of work involved in building a site for AdSense purpose. Internet marketers will need all the help they can get. It is recommended to hire a virtual assistant to assist them and make their life easier.

Zarah Pimentel is first and foremost a very proud mom to a 5year old girl. She has an outsourcing business, Hire a VA, that was put up together with 2 other female colleagues. She very is content with helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses by setting them free in doing menial tasks and assisting them in more ways they can imagine.

For more information about what she does, kindly visit her blog, Virtual Assistant Mom.

Why Use Google AdWords Marketing

If you’re in business, you’ve probably come across many different forms of marketing by now. You could choose to promote your company with brochures, flyers, signage, direct mail, posters, cold calling, a website… the list goes on. All of these marketing techniques have value, and can be used effectively in different situations. But today, with most prospective buyers using the internet; or more specifically Google when it comes to researching products and making buying decisions, it pays to be up to speed with Google AdWords and how to use it to your advantage.

The Basics

When you search something in Google, the words you use are called ‘keywords’ or ‘key phrases’. This is what Google uses to find websites which relate to your needs. For example, if you needed to get a new website designed, and searched, ‘website design Christchurch’; these three words would be your key phrase.

With Google AdWords, you can have a little advertisement promoting your business pop up either at the top or in the right hand side of the search results screen in Google after a user searches the particular keywords you select for your campaign. Google AdWords uses a ‘PPC’ (pay per click) policy, which means you are only charged based on how many click throughs (people clicking your ad and entering your website) you have.

The Benefits:

This type of internet marketing is highly targeted, customisable, and fully traceable. When you have a Google AdWords campaign, you are able to view exactly how many people have viewed the ad, clicked on the ad, and you can see what sort of results this is generating for your business. This strategy is much more valuable than distributing a bunch of flyers to mailboxes and never knowing which ones got thrown away!

Also, you are only paying per click; i.e., for ‘what you get’.


Google AdWords is quite a complex tool. There are many ways to approach your marketing strategy, and you need to be internet marketing savvy in order to generate the best results. Some business owners choose to use professional AdWords consultants who have trained in how Google algorithms work and how you can maximise your marketing budget effectively. Perhaps look into different options before you set up your Google AdWords account and start launching ads out into the web space.

With a little bit of research and some sound advice, your business can start making money and converting potential customers using the highly targeting marketing of Google AdWords!

At Limelight Online we understand the importance of creating websites that not only look great but are appealing to visitors.

The search engine marketing team at Limelight Online are experts in their field and are dedicated to ensuring that your website reaches top of first page search engine rankings. Contact us today about your Google AdWords Marketing.

Grow Your Business With Proper PPC Campaign Management

An efficient PPC campaign management service can help you grow your online visibility manifold, thereby increasing quality traffic to your website. Increase in quality traffic means growth of your business.

The following factors are crucial to the most productive PPC advertising campaign. The proper PPC campaign management helps you make the right decisions about them.

The right keywords

Keywords are pointers to your site. This is what you invest on in a PPC campaign. So, selection of the right keywords is extremely important. The proper PPC campaign management starts with a thorough research on the keywords relevant to your business. This research leads you to choose the set of right keywords for your campaign. This research should also cover the following topic.

What and where to buy

There are a few PPC campaign service providers. Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter are the largest of them. While doing research on keywords, the services and the terms and conditions of these service providers should be studied thoroughly. The availability of the keywords from your chosen set should be checked. The prices of the keywords and your budget should be compared. Your business may not always require the costliest keywords. Only after this, the decision of what and from whom to buy the keywords should be made.

The text

The text of your website is also of immense importance in the case of PPC campaign. This should be composed around the chosen keywords with SEO done.

Quality traffic

Of course you are looking for traffic to your website. However, in terms of traffic, quantity is not so important as quality. By quality traffic, we mean the targeted viewers of your site. They are from the country or region you operate your business is. They are looking for products or services that you are providing. They visit your site and look around. They then buy your products or services. They revisit.

A proper PPC campaign management system helps in increasing the flow of quality traffic to your website. It will explore all the tools that are offered by the PPC service provider to customise the traffic to your site. For example, in case of Google AdWords, it will take advantage of the option of exclusions of the IPs and areas you don’t need traffic from. This means your advert will not be shown in these IPs and areas. Thus, cost of your campaign is optimised and your target is more focused.

The advert

As the gateway to your website, the advert is of extreme importance. The words used in the advert should be properly chosen. If your advert is a banner then the design should be well thought out. A poor advert does not produce desired results. This is like the title of an article. Like an ideal article title creates curiosity in the mind of the reader, the advert should also create curiosity and interest. A proper PPC campaign management assures a magnetic advert.

Another common mistake related to the advert is the wrong link. Usually, when one advertisement, for example, on the side of the Google search result page is clicked, it leads to the home page the website. However, a proper linking would be with the very page of your site which shows the product or the service you are advertising about. This will make a huge difference in getting quality traffic, thereby growing your business. A proper PPC campaign management will always take care of this.

A constant analysis

A proper PPC management system comes with a most efficient analysis tool. This tool should be able to analyse the performance of the PPC campaign to the smallest detail. It should provide you data regarding quality traffic and productivity and usefulness of the applied keywords. The less productive keywords should be shacked. The contents of your website should be reviewed constantly according to the results.

PPC campaign management is a must for the growth of your online business. Always opt for experts help in this field.

It is necessary to have some competence in the use of software for effective PPC Campaign Management, known as PPC bid management software
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What Is the Best Facebook Advertising Strategy?

Facebook advertising is a great way to get targeted traffic . As a matter of fact there is no other online advertising medium that can boast about such targeting tools.

Let us see the features of Facebook Advertising and how to create a good Facebook advertising strategy.

Important Steps for devising a good Facebook Advertising Strategy

1)       A good Facebook advertising strategy will consist of three steps. The first step is designing a good ad, you need to give the url (make sure you have a good squeeze page of a page that is well designed to convert a lead). Facebook by itself will pull the meta tag of the page and will make it as the description of you ad. However avoid doing this and type in a good description which will prompt the user to click your ad and visit the webpage.

2)      Next is putting up an image, many internet marketers will prompt you to use an image of an attractive man or women, but that is not be very effective, as you know people are becoming ad blind. The subconscious of the user identifies an ad and naturally will avoid it, so going by conventional image of a good looking man or woman is not advisable, so go for an image that is more realistic and will make the guys look out for it. This as a Facebook advertising strategy has worked very well for most of my clients.

3)      The third step is targeting the marketing that you want to address. The best part is unlike other advertising option, Facebook can laser target the audience, as Facebook has every detail of the users like age, gender, demography and geographical locations, you can perfectly target the right audience, There is no point is selecting everyone when you are selling a video game, there is no way a 50 year old is going to play a kid’s video game. Likewise you can target locations, if you are selling a physical product meant for housewives only in Boston, you can target just the housewises of Boston alone rather than spending money on getting traffic that is no way relevant to you.

People keep saying that traffic is all you need for online business, however the fact is the targeted traffic is more important that just any kind of traffic. Make sure you design your title and image well so as to get a good click through rate, as it can considerably decrease your total spend per click.

Since costing of facebook as is a very important factor we have separate article on Facebook advertising Cost Explained.

Recommended Books for Facebook Marketing:

Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day Facebook Marketing: Designing Your Next Marketing Campaign (2nd Edition) Facebook for Business Facebook Advertising for Dummies